(Closed) Your actual thoughts on your Ering… Proud to show it of, or ashamed?

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@Ronneykay: Wow – you have a great attitude!  To be honest though, if my fiance bought me an engagement ring for $35, I’d probably throw it back in his face.  Does that make me a terrible person?  I guess it’s because I know he can afford much more.  He bought me a beautiful ring for about $2,200 which is a perfectly resonable price (actually less than normal, I think).  It is AMAZING and he didn’t need to spend that much.  But, $35?  You are a better woman than I, my dear!

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Hmmm backhanded compliment much…

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@Kat: I agree with you 100%…. I love flaunting my ring… I would flaunt it and rock it no matter what size because to me its like showing the world how much my Fiance and I love each other. I dont have a huge rock or anything like that. But my Fiance picked it out on his own (and managed to keep it a total secret from me for 3 months despite telling everyone else about it), and apparently listened to me because it was exactly what I wanted! So to me, when I flaunt my ring I am telling the world that I am in love with the best man in the world, not with the ring itself. If that makes sense.

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I love my ring and I’m happy to wear it! It’s not a traditional diamond ering, it’s a blue sapphire and diamond ring set in platinum and while it’s not traditional it’s what I wanted. I also picked out my ring, so if I didn’t like it I would have no one to blame but myself. My partner let me chose whatever I wanted, and even though I didn’t have a budget and pretty much could have spent as much as I wanted I didn’t feel comfortable with that. Yes, my ring did cost $3k but I have several coworkers who have $10-15K engagment rings. If that’s what you want, to each their own but it would make me uncomfortable. When she first bought my ring I felt a tad guilty about the cost even though I knew she could afford it and had anticipated I would pick something that cost more. No matter what your ering looks like, I think everyone should wear their ring proudly as a symbol of the love they have. Everyday I look down at my ring and it still makes me smile because we both love it and my partner is so proud of my ring.

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I have to confess that I do love to flaunt my engagement ring and I am proud that it’s (by UK standards) a bit of a rock, but I’m also very proud that it was mine with or without my Fiance (as it was my grandma’s and she’d offered it to me repeatedly before and I’d said that I’d rather it came to me on my engagement). 

It’s not perfect, it’s not huge, it has a few big chips out of it under the girdle, but I LOVE it. I don’t think I’d want anything bigger and I couldn’t love another ring more.

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I love my ring because of what it symbolizes but also just because I love it.  I think it’s pretty.  And I love that my Fiance let me pick it out because I found that to be very thoughtful of him.  He really wanted me to love it, not just because he gave it to me, but also because I just like it.  I also love your rings…they are really unique and pretty!

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When me and my Fiance first got engaged, he didn’t even have a ring. He wanted me to have something on my finger so he bought a $12 CZ sterling silver ring for me, I picked it out, and it tarnished, it was 2 sizes too big so I had to wear a sizer on it, but I wore it everyday, never took it off, still have it and loved it! It turned my finger green, but I didn’t care! 🙂 I still have it and I break it out every now and then and put it on, sometimes I wear it as a right hand ring although rings on that hand bother me. lol

But that’s all he could afford at the time and since then he has gotten me a moissanite ring which I absolutely love. He paid $600 for it, and for him, he would like to get me something nicer or something that I would prefer over this one since he knows that I like blingy. We have both looked and I have found another moissanite ring that I really love, but that will wait for a while. Either way, if he could never been able to afford to get me a different ring I wouldn’t care. I think that promise is still the same no matter what they do or don’t put on your finger!

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Engagement rings in the US sense aren’t really a tradition here in Iceland. It’s pretty much a wedding band for both from the proposal. But American movies are having an influence so they are becoming more and more popular, but with less diamonds..

My ring is silver with a CZ stone. I love it but I would never have chosen it for myself. It’s from my favourite jewelers, but it’s not their “usual style”. I don’t have a picture of my ring in this computer, but it’s like this one, but with a clear stone. http://siggaogtimo.is/Hringar/Silfur/Vara/hrs82

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I love my ring… simply because since I was a child I have always wanted a three stone princess cut… before I knew what the name of it was….. and when he proposed to me (sunset) on the beach…. I didn’t even remember to look down at the ring on my finger for at least an hour. It wasn’t until we got back to the car that I remembered I had a ring on my finger. My Fiance and the moment was SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. Not the ring, when I saw its the one I always wanted —- without us EVER talking about it or me showing him at any time… I burst out into tears again. . . . It was awesome!


He is more important than the ring, I love showing it off, its from my husband. I don’t care how much it cost. He gave me all the info on it, lifetime warranty, and all – so thats the only way I found out the cost… but I wouldn’t care even if it was much cheaper. Its for me, from him, and a symbol of our love together!!!!

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@KatyElle: HA HA that isn’t a bad idea. A ring parade, imagine the ring porn!

I LOOOOOVE my ring and I will show it to anyone who asks. That doesn’t mean I’m shoving it in people’s faces (no reading between the lines here bees) however it is pretty obvious, you really can’t miss it. If you don’t like it/not your personal taste look the other way, I’m not offended to each their own. Goodness knows I waited long enough!


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I love showing off my ring! The stone he picked (sapphire) seems to change color based on the light. He is Scottish and that is very important to him. I see some rings on here and as gorgeous as they are, and I agree that the ring is NOT the relationship, I feel that mine is perfect for me as a person and for us a couple.

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I love seeing everyone’s unique rings!!!

I love my ring and I am so proud of it, my Fiance is insecure about it but I think he should be proud too. He is a blue collar boy and doesn’t make boat loads of money, but he works very hard for what he has. He wanted me to have a nice ring and knew I liked princess cut diamonds, even though they can be a little more pricey.

He found a ring he liked to make the money to buy it he started scrapping cars and metal from around his family’s farm, and would come home every day with a truck load of metal and a trailor of old cars and say “It’s your ring!”. Later, when he went to get the diamond, he learned that he could get a smaller one with a better cut or a bigger one with less sparkle and he chose to go with the smaller one which I really appreciate. He definitely felt pressure to get me a big stone and a ring everyone would be jealous of, but we’re young and we’re just starting out. My ring definitely symbolizes the beginning of our life together, and looking at my ring I’ll be reminded of where we started and how far we’ve come. Smile 

People aren’t usually impressed by the size of the diamond, but they are always impressed by how pretty it is and that he picked it out himself because it’s exactly my style.

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I hope your $2,200 ring stands the test of time like Ronnykays $35 ring,  because its obvious her relationship is the most important thing to her,   and 18 years later they are still in love……you seem to be in love with just your  $2,200  ring and its price tag.   

i like the way you were SO  exact with the price….$2,200,   could just say  ‘approx  $2,000’  

that was not meant to offend i assume you’re gonna say? 

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@anne B: 

personally I think it takes two to stand the test of time. It takes a great woman, but also a great man. I told my fiance it didn’t have to be a ring, it could have been a downpayment on a home or a car that we share, but he needed to do me justice and show that he was ready to start a life together.

but that’s different from saying something like “anything you give me is good enough”, which is where I think amw511 misunderstood. I feel like, whether it’s nightly backrubs for the rest of my life, or a month of work hours at the office to pay for a ring, it’s the effort that really counts. seeing how happy Ronneykay is so happy with her marriage, she must have married a wonderful man who can give her that kind of happiness.

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My soon to be Fiance is having my ring made, and while I haven’t seen it yet or know what it entails, I already know its PERFECT – he remembered a conversation we had at dinner with my parents and grandparents the first time he met them about a jeweler friend of theirs who made my grandparents’ rings, my parents’ rings, and gifted me and my sister with baby rings when we were born. He picked that jeweler to create my ring, and that kind of thing is the reason I’m gonna marry him! 🙂

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