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    My fiance is exactly one month older than me to the day, as we were both born on the 6th of our months!

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    He is 7/8 years older than I am…it’s 8 for nine months out of the year, so I might as well just say 8.  I thought it would be an issue early in our relationship because I was in college and he, well, obviously was not, plus we lived 30-45 minutes apart and only tended to see each other on weekends.  I assumed that our different priorities and lifestyles at that time would become a problem, but they never did at all.  Everything has been great.

    I’ve always felt that I relate better to people who are a little older than I do to people my own age; even my mom has said, "You’ve never been your age — you were always a few years ahead."  My older brothers tease Fiance because he’s older than both of them.  And it makes us laugh when he mentions something that happened when he was in high school and I say, "Oh, I was in elementary school then."  


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    That sounds pretty well precisely like our situation. I’ll be 20 in April, he’ll be 28 in June. It was the summer before I left for college (30 minutes away speeding, 45 at the speed limit) when we met. He’s a software engineer. I’m a college student and food-service part-time worker.  I had similar initial concerns (and my parents definitely did too!) that our age gap, and our different locations in ye olde road o’ life would prove too difficult for our relationship to work.. but those concerns only briefly existed.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been in my thirties for years. I figured I’d have to wait for eons before I’d be attractive to those of a maturity level that I found attractive, but lucky for me, he didn’t realize I was 18 when we met. My fiance is a year older than my sister, three years older than my brother. My brother pretty much went ballistic when he first heard I was dating someone that "old". 

    Also, I do the exact same thing to him.. he’ll be telling some story, saying "When I was 16.." and I’ll interrupt to say, "Oh, okay, so I was 8. And in 2nd grade. Anyway, carry on." What’s pretty wonderfully amusing and nerdy is that we discovered very early in the relationship that we both played the MMORPG Ultima Online at the same time, when we were 8 & 16. 


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    My b/f is 11 months younger than me (I rounded up to 1 year), which I thought would drive me crazy, but it really doesn’t bother me!

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    My FH will be 26 in May and Ill be 25 in November!

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    Mr. Veggie Farmer and I are 14 years apart. I am 27 and he is 41. Which means:

    -He is closer in age to my parents (who are 50 and 51) than to me.

    -He was a freshman in highschool the year I was born.

    -We are both highschool teachers and he has former students who are older than me. (No, he did not teach at my highschool, you weirdos)

    All of those things seem strange, but our relationship works. We get a lot of questions about our age gap, although most people think he is in his early 30’s when they first meet us (Farming does a body good!). The one question I get all the time is “Why hasn’t he been married before?” or “Don’t you worry that he’s never going to be ready to be married?”. I guess this question bothers me more than any of the other ones because it implies that getting married at a young age and divorced is somehow more acceptable than waiting.

    The only area of our relationship that the age gap affects (and it is a big one) is that we want to have a family. Ideally, we would wait a few years after we were married to enjoy our time together, although we’ve already been together for four years. But, because he will be 42 when we get married, I feel a bit pressured to start sooner. I don’t want him to be 70 when our child graduates high school. We are also planning on adopting and many countries have an age limit on adoptions, sometimes as low as 45. Not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

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    I am 9 1/2 months older than my man… it works for us.  he makes fun of me a bit for being older, with most of our couple friends the girls are all a couple months older than their guys…

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    We are the exact same age (well a month apart) but I love it – we have been together for 6 years so we were 20 when we met!!! I feel like we have grown up together and have been through SOOOO much together in that time – If we can grow through that hard age together (figuring out who you are – establishing your life) we can get through anything!

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    We are 13 years apart. It has never bothered me and it always shocks everyone around us. I’ve always looked and behaved much older than what I am and I never dated anyone my age. All of my relationships involved older guys and the one time I dated someone my age, it was the most traumatizing relationship I was ever in. It works for us 🙂

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    I’m 2 months,give or take a few days older the my future hubby. I turned 22 July 13th he will be 22 September 9th.

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    18 and 29. lol, we met six days after my 18th birthday and he was just the coolest, nicest guy I’d ever met. Dating him made me realize that age is just a number. In our case, I was a freshman in college when he was graduating college. I started college during high school (dual-enrollment) and he took time off in the middle of his college experience to help with family matters. But he’s established in his career, I’m in my last year of school, which can be hard at times, but we’ve worked through it.

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    I am 4 years older than my Fiance, took me a while to get used to the idea since Men are always not as mature as women but actually my Fiance is more mature than men 10 years older than him.

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    My Fiance and I are about 16 months apart. I am 27 and my Fiance will be 29 a week before the wedding.

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    @Petunka – OMG!  11.5 lbs at birth?!  His poor mother!  That is almost twice what I weighed 🙂

    I am 5 months older than Mr. Paris which does kind of stink for the half of the year that I am older.  And also because I was born in September and he was born in February so even though it is only 5 months, it is also a different year when writing our birth dates.  At least we will both be 27 for our wedding 🙂


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