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I went to David’s Bridal a couple of times. While I appreciated the cost of the gowns, their sales people were either 1) too pushy or 2) too absent, or 3) both. None of the consultants at David’s Bridal actually listened to what I wanted. 

My first experience was ok; I had a nice consultant who brought me a number of dresses, but she didn’t listen to what I was asking for and brought me things I would never even consider. She also left me standing in each dress for a LONG time – she was working with at least 3 of us at once (I don’t think this is common, so maybe someone called in sick that day?) and I barely saw her the entire appointment, until I was ready to leave and she decided to try to push me into buying something. 

The second time I went in I had a more attentive, and pushier, consultant. Every dress was “beautiful” and “wonderful” and “perfect for me”! Even my mom and friends felt like they needed to wait until she walked away to pull another dress before they could give me their honest opinions, because she wouldn’t stop gushing about EVERYTHING. 

The next salon I went to was actually going out of business, so they were also really pushy. They pushed me to buy dresses that were HUGE on me (we’re talking 8 to 10 dress sizes larger than what I needed – no joke) because they needed to get rid of the samples. They assured me that alterations would be “no problem.” Given how much minimum alterations cost for the dress that I ended up buying, I shudder to think what alterations would have cost in one of those dresses. We didn’t even stay through the end of the scheduled consultation time.

The last store I went to (where I ended up purchasing my dress) was the first store where the consultant actually sat down with me and LISTENED to what I wanted (everyone had asked, no one had listened). She really seemed to want to find me a dress that worked for ME, rather than pushing me into buying just anything. It was a great experience in the end.

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  • Wedding: July 2014

I had a really easy shopping experience at Frew’s Bridal in Alton, IL. I was the only one in there at the time (Wednesday afternoon), my consultant was super honest, listened to what I wanted and pulled some options. Walked out with my dress after trying on 5. Wam Bam, done.

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My Alfred Angelo appointment was so wonderful that I ended up buying a dress that was absolutely the opposite of what I wanted (I wanted lace, tulle, cap-sleeves, illusion back, a-line, ended up with a strapless beaded organza ballgown-ish dress with a corset back). She didnt pressure me, just made me feel really pretty and good about myself. Of course I then went on to have dress regret and have decided to sell the dress, but I left them a really good Google review anyway and I have nothing but nice things to say.

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I mainly went looking at small boutiques and the service is great.  When I went to Alfred Angelos they were great too but the other large retailers not so much — Davids Bridal is by far the worst, Justin Alexander / Pronovias didnt trust my budget because I came from school with backpack and jeans/t-shirt so that pissed me off.  Also they were very blunt about certain dresses/material are only for tall or runway model shapes (which I am definitely not) and wouldnt even let me try it as it would waste their time.  I have been working with a custom designer who is amazing — shop owned just by husband and wife.  I will never  buy from large companies. 

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I shopped at two different salons, and I ended up purchasing my dress from the second (Kleinfeld’s).

First bridal salon experience was at an upscale place in Boston, and I went by myself because my mother wasn’t able to come into town until the following weekend. There were two dresses I fell in love with and the lady refused to let me text my mom pictures for her input. I get that they do it so you can’t knock off the dresses, but it’s just so frustrating because they were pushing for me to buy one immediately so I could take advantage of their trunk show discount and yet they didn’t seem to care that there was no way in hell I’d buy a dress without my mother seeing it. I ended up leaving and cancelling the follow-up appointment I initially made because I found a better dress with less hassle at Kleinfeld’s.

Kleinfeld’s…the sales lady was nice, and they really did have a huge selection. But good god it is just a bride factory now. They way overbook because of the success of SYTTD, so the only people that get their very own dedicated mirror in the public areas are people being filmed for the show; otherwise you have to basically run around with your family to and from different mirrors that open up. Overall, it was not a glamorous experience, but I found my dress so that’s all that counts.

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  • Wedding: October 2016

I went to two shops to find my dress, and the first one is the one where I had the worst experience. It started badly right off the bat. When I called to make the appointment, I asked if they had a specific brand that I wanted to look at, or if it was in their other location in a different city in my state. I told them I was flexible and would go to the other city but they assured me all of the dresses I was looking for were in my city. I showed up and OF COURSE the dresses of that brand were in the other store. I was really annoyed but my mom and sister were in from far away and my busy best friend was with us, so we wanted to make the most of it. 

The saleslady however, was the worst. Totally pushy and kept trying me to buy a dress that I didn’t really love at all, and then when it was obvious I wouldn’t go for it, telling me it didn’t look good on me anyway because I had such a large midsection (!!!) and pushing me to another dress I didn’t want either. Every time we were in the dressing room she kept complaining about other brides in the store, how they were loud, how she didn’t like them, how they were rude for showing up late, how if it were up to her she would kick them out. She then gave me a speech about how my mom, sister and best friend were obviously too opinionated and didn’t have my best interests at heart and I needed to ignore them and just buy a dress, right there. 

We had a second appointment at a different store across town where the saleswoman was really pleasant, the selection was great, and I found the dress I loved (and yes, that I had called ahead to make sure they had- and this store did, haha.) 

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  • Wedding: September 2015

I only went to one salon and purchased my dress that day.  However my I went with my sister, and Davids was horrible!  The girl was rude, and working with two or three people at once.  She left my sister standing in dresses she hated while she pulled gowns for her other girl.  I had to help my sister out of most of her dresses, then the sales lady copped an attitude with us for not waiting for her.  She would talk over us when we tried giving my sister our opinion, and even when my sister tried to tell us how she felt.  It was the worst.  She did actually find a dress there she really liked, but bc the girl there was so rude she refused to buy from them.  

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I went to a small boutique off the beaten path, had the whole place to myself, got to nibble on chocolates and mimosas, play my own music over the speakers, and found the dress of my dreams! It was an amazing experience.

The other bridal shop I went to was too pushy, too awkward, and too expensive. They just didn’t have the style of dresses I ended up wanting. I wasn’t their “target audience” I think.

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  • Wedding: June 2016

David’s bridal was a joke, but I was expecting that. 

European bridal in Cinni was fantastic. Assistant was amazing and worked really hard to find dresses in my style- ACTUALLY LISTENED when I said I didn’t like x or y about a dress. Even tho it was a busy Saturday I didn’t feel rushed. I liked that they had designers I hadn’t seen before (and my Bridesmaid or Best Man loved that they carried a project runway designer lol)

Carrie Karibo Boutique down the same street was the other store I LOVED. It was so cute inside, the assistant was so skilled at clipping and was really chill. I liked that they only did two appointments at one time. If I hadn’t found a secondhand dress, I would have gone back here to decide between two dresses. 100% recommend.

Bridal and Formal- this place was a ZOO My Bridesmaid or Best Man and I almost left after waiting for over 20min. Assistant was nice but seemed overwhelmed. She grabbed dresses I wasn’t interested in, had a new girl come help me out of some while she took care of something else- they just had so many brides in there at once.

I changed in the large mirrored fitting room, which was fine until halfway through my gowns I realized everyone else was putting on dresses in changing stalls and THEN walking in to look at the mirrors, and I was the only one stripping down to my underwear in semi-public. /shrug

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  • Wedding: November 2016

I went to my first salon last weekend and it was fantastic!  I thought I knew what I wanted, but as the appointment went on, it was clear that those dresses weren’t working for me.  My consultant got me into about 20 dresses in two hours, including the two I tried on a second time with the veil.  I couldn’t decide between the two, even though my entourage all cried over one of them.  My consultant reminded me that I have to find the dress I love and if I’m not feeling 100%, then I should go to lunch and think it over.  She let us take as many pictures as we wanted throughout the appointment and wrote down the dress info for the two finalists.  I definitely had a great experience! 

My best friend had a great experience at Davids.  I know a lot of people do not, but she said that her consultant let her try all of the dresses she wanted and then listened to what she wanted and picked the one that ended up being her gown! 


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I went to two and cancelled the third because I found my dress on the second appointment. The first was more like a warehouse and although it got really good reviews, I wasn’t impressed. I know what works on my shape so I asked for a-line dress selections. She kept pulling fit-n-flares (which I really don’t care for). Then, her time was split between me, and 2 other brides because they were short-staffed. I didn’t find anything I really liked and was discouraged.

The second appointment was fantastic. I went to a bridal boutique, got my own (huge) private fitting room complete with wing chairs, couch, a private bathroom, beverages, etc. The consultant listened to exactly what I wanted and pulled out a variety of dresses that matched my photos/descriptions. I purchased a dress that day and went back to purchase accessories later on.

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The bigger places were pushy and the smaller boutiques I found were more laid back, helpful and casual. One of the places we went to did the same thing as you making us wait outside until our appointment – in the rain. Another was like 25 minutes late. David’s Bridal was too pushy at the wedding shows so I didn’t even bother checking them out. I don’t like pushy sales people. The only downside to the smaller places was the appointments were difficult to make since they could only facilitate one bride at a time. It was by far the better experience though.

I feel you on that “you’re too young to marry” comment though, I got that assumption on a few occasions throughout my planning and I found it kind of offensive. (I guess I look 10 years younger than I am). I know people mean well but there are so many other ways to start a conversation than to comment on an age or situation that you’ve assumed about someone. 


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  • Wedding: January 2016

I just bought my dress this past weekend from David’s Bridal and had a laidback experience. It was just my mom and I, and my consultant was there for me for every step. I actually walked away with the first dress I tried on! I tried two more dresses on, but I couldn’t forget about the first! 

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