Your College Major vs. Your Current Job

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1. Graphic Design

2. Graphic Designer (no surprise there haha!) at a mid-size agency.

3. Freelance book and publication designer. I wanted so badly to work at an agency growing up, but I’m not happy now that I do. I’m actively working on transitioning to back to freelance so I can do work from home where there aren’t people around to distract me. Books (and my dog) are better company most of the time.

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mrscb2bee :  


Associate Chemist

Owning a lodge in the middle of nowhere with my husband, he guide people hunting and fishing, I cook and maintain the property. 

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MrsBeck :  Another civil engineer!  Awesome!!  I work in the transportation section.

I am definitely going to keep up my license.  No way do I want to have to take the PE exam again.  My plan is to either stay involved in a professional organization to keep up my continuing ed hours, or just take various webinars as they come up.  The tricky thing with the technology part of it is that it seems like different states/clients use different software.  It would be impossible to really stay up to date without working.  Even the new grads we have hired out of college have never used our software, so it’s always on the job training.  I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing, but I’m happy to hear from a fellow female!

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Undergrad: Chemistry

Graduate: Toxicology and Risk assessment

Job: Regulatory Affairs 

Dream Job: Regulatory Toxicologist or Environmental Risk Scientist

Its the same field but I would get to be more of the technical side verses administration of the technical tasks. Id also love to work in the government sector or potentially as a consultant so I get all the work flexibility that comes with it. But if we are dreaming….owning a resort in Belize on one of the small islands  


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First Degree: BFA in Graphic Design

Second Degree: BS in Advertising

Job: Project Researcher/Marketing Assistant/Sales & Accounting Assistant/Receptionist

Dream Job: Work at home or stay at home mom! I actually really like what I do, at least the project research part! Taking on the role of Marketing Assistant (I design magazine ads and help with updating the company’s website) has made me realize that I would probably get burned out on working at a graphic design agency. But I feel like I missed so much of my son’s babyhood! And I’m currently pregnant with my daughter – due in January – and I’ll be sad if I miss so much of her babyhood, too. My company is moving to a location about 1 hour away and is offering to let me work 4 out of 5 days a week from home, so I’m hoping that happens before I go on maternity leave! Then I’ll be able to drop the receptionist part of my job, which is my least favorite part.

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BA: Psychology

MSc: Educational and Clinical Psychology

Currently: Pursuing a MA/PhD in Clinical Psychology

Dream job: Clinical psychologist! Or a yoga instructor on a luxury resort

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mrscb2bee :  

1. Major: Biology, Minor: Forensic Science

2. Currently: PhD Candidate in Human Molecular Genetics

3. Dream/Eventually: After my PhD, I’ll be going to law school for patent and/or intellectual property law.  I’m pretty excited about this career path.  Everyone I have talked to about it seems to think that my genomics background (which is heavily focused on next-generation sequencing analysis and precision medicine platforms) will be beneficial when I am trying to find a job out of law school. 

Now if money wasn’t a factor, my dream job would be a canine massage therapist. 🙂 

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College Major = B.S.Technical Theater emphasis in Costume Design

Current Job = Project Administrator at a commercial fencing company.

Dream Job: I have no idea. I honestly don’t care as much about what I actually do all day at my work as much as how I am treated and the whole package. For example, a lot of my friend from theater sound very disappointed that I am no longer working in theater. I realize this is a compliment as they all think I am talented enough to be working. I would agree with them that I am, however I do not want to work in that industry any longer. There are a lot of double standards, benefits and pay are not good, micromanaging at every level, and I lost my passion for it honestly. I really enjoy what I do now, its relaxed as far as when we arrive everyday, when we leave, how we do our work for the most part, a mature approach to working. If I’m 5 min late I won’t get written up or docked, if I show up early I can clock in and start working, if I need time off I can just talk to my bosses I don’t have to request it a certain amount of time in the future, we have lunch bought for us often, its really nice.
I like the more normal schedule of working days M-F instead of theater (where we would be asked to work night/weekends with no notice at all).

The only other dream job I thought about was being a mom, though I know there is plenty of frustration that comes with it.

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1. B.S. Geological Engineering

2. Senior Geotechnical Engineer (slope stability, rock mechanics, and not civil engineering)

3. It’s cheesy, but I LOVE my job. It’s dynamic, fast paced, and challenging. I love mining, and will likely never leave the industry….except I would walk away from it now to be a stay at home mom.

If the mining industry tanked, I would also love to run my own bed and breakfast in a historical old house. This might be something I’ll seriously pursue when I retire.

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1. College Major: Psychology

2. Current job: Stay At Home Mom (before that: college administrative assistant). 

3. Dream Job: I really don’t know? Something part-time in the nonprofit sector. I have a few more years to meditate on this. 


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1. A.A. degree in Fine Art (never finished)
and i went to Culinary school

2. Line cook in high volume restaurant

3. Dream job: well if i ever had the money/time to go back to school. I would love to do something in advertising and graphic design. Or work in marketing for a large clothing retailer.

my girlfriend does marketing/sales rep for Neiman and Marcus, Im super jealous cause her job sounds like a dream, and she makes a ton of money doing it.

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I majored in Psychology, minored in Bible.

I am currently a substitute teacher. I’m really enjoying it! I love loving on the children.  

I’m not yet sure of what I want to do or what my dream job would be. I’m thinking about getting my teaching credential, but I’m also thinking about getting my master’s in social work. 

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lahela017 :  Another civil on weddingbee! Do you know any women in our field who have taken time off when they’ve had kids? It is something I would like to do for a little bit but my concern is reentering the work force. I personally haven’t known anyone who has done this so I am concerned that if I took time off I wouldn’t be able to find work again.

1. Major: Civil engineering, structural focus

2: Current job: Bridge Engineer (design/analysis/inspection fieldwork)

3. Dream job: Current job minus the field work. I really enjoy the work I do in the office. I find it mentally stimulating and I have a great boss and good coworkers. However, I am so over field work. I don’t know how many more winters I can take doing ladder work in a creek in waders. I am trying to steer my career to more of a senior technical or project management role within the next five years because I want out of the field ASAP.

4. Hit the lottery and don’t need to be paid dream job – Volunteering full time at Bridges to Prosperity. It is an organization that builds bridges in third world countries to provide access from villages to towns with hospitals/schools ect. It is an organization I truly believe in and I think it would be the most impactful way I could use my education to improve many people’s lives and standard of living.

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College Major: History, Graduate School Major: History/Museum Studies joint MA

Current Profession: Museum Conservator (I keep the priceless artifacts from disentegrating)

Ideal Profession: Museum Curator/Museum Director (Not sure I’m ready to jump in to a PhD program, however, so I’ll probably keep going the conservation route for a while)

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