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I have gained about 5 kgs during the quarantine and that’s sort of bothering me. But I’m not specifically doing any diatery restrictions. However, I started moving way more, so I’m hoping to lose my extra fat.

Breakfast- (usually around 08:00)  a little sandwich with cheese, some olives, cucumbers and tomatoes with black coffee.

Lunch- (12:30) A small portion of soup, a plate of vegetable or meat dish, a small portion of rice or sth like that, salad.

Dinner- (18.30) Homemade veg or meat/chicken or fish dish with a side. + Salad.

Snacks – I eat some fruits, cake, ice cream or a gronala bar or whatnot if I want.

This diet gets me to keep my current weight, not lose much but I like eating. What can I say? Haha

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I gained about 15-20 pounds with my last pregnancy that I never lost. I had resigned myself to just being bigger and gave away all my smaller clothes, when something just clicked for me, and in early May 2020 I decided to lose the weight. It is easier since I am forced to work from home and if I return to the office, I will probably have to adjust my eating habits again. I am currently down about 10 pounds and would like to lose at least another ten.


On a “good” day, my daily diet is scrambled egg whites (with one full egg, otherwise I use the liquid egg whites) and raspberries for breakfast, carrot sticks with greek yogurt (some kind of seasoning mixed in, I hate plain greek yogurt) for a snack, chicken breasts with honey mustard or BBQ sauce (caveat- I measure out one Tbsp of BBQ sauce, each bite of chicken gets a tiny tab, just enough for flavor) and steamed broccoli or brussels sprouts for lunch, and some kind of fish for dinner with more steamed vegetables.


I do not eat this way every day (although my breakfast is really standard- I eat that 99% of the time). I also will eat a handful of chips here and there, eat a bite of my kids’ pancakes or their Dino Bites (chicken nuggets), and if my kids are eating ice cream, I’ll usually snag a bite of that too :). We call that the “ice cream tax” at my house.


I do generally have some form of chicken every day. Sometimes I mix it with a little olive oil and fajita seasoning mix. I bought a steamer from Amazon and I usually steam at least one vegetable a day, sometimes two or three. I eat carrots and peppers raw. Sometimes I’ll eat squash or sweet potatoes, but my veggie staples are broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, and to a lesser extent, peppers and cucumbers.


I eat raspberries, strawberries, and oranges every day. I will usually have an apple too, either snagging some I sliced up for my kids, or eating my own. I also like watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple, but those are maybe once a week at our house. We run through a lot of produce here.


I usually buy a big bag of frozen chicken breasts, and boil the whole lot. I’ll shred it and use it for salads, fajitas (no tortilla for me), chicken salad sandwiches I make for husband, and to eat with the honey mustard or BBQ sauce. We go through a lot of chicken and eggs in our house too.


I also buy different types of frozen fish, and usually have them with one vegetable and baked potatoes for dinner. My family likes a lot of different casseroles so I will make those, and either just eat the meat out of there, or leave some meat out and cook separately. I am not a huge fan of casseroles even if I am not trying to lose weight.


The most annoying thing about eating better is just how freaking time consuming it is. I feel like I am constantly washing/chopping/steaming/boiling and then cleaning all the utensils just so I can do it all over again. Not to mention the grocery bill.


For exercise, I bought a subscription to Sweat (it’s like $10/month). You pick the program and there are I think 3 resistance workouts and 3 cardio workouts per week. The program I follow is  basically a mix of burpees, mountain climbers, multiple variations of squats, lunges, and pushups, skipping rope, tricep dips, and some abs exercises that I usually skip because they’re boring. If you have instagram, you can follow the Sweat trainers and they post a lot of workouts for free.

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I’ve lost 20 pounds over the last 4 months while in quarantine. Food tracking has been very helpful. I try to eat between 1200-1300 calories a day but allow myself to splurge a little bit more on weekends. 

Breakfast is usually egg whites and smoked salmon, or a piece of toast with greek yogurt spread and salmon. Lately I’ve been having a piece of fruite and some greek yogurt. 

Lunch is anything from a salad with grilled chicken to a burrito bowl with brown rice, roasted veggies (cooked without olive oil), and grilled chicken and salsa or a mediterranean bowl (same as the burrio bowl with different seasonings and hummus). This week I’m having homemade gazpacho and some edamame. 

Dinner is always fish, some sort of starch, and a veggie. Salmon, tilapia, mahi, and swordfish are all easy for me to get. Starch is usually 1/4 of a roasted potato (without olive oil) or quinoa or wild rice. Veggie is usually steamed broccoli or asparagus but sometimes is a salad with just vinegar. 

I’m not a big snacker but will sometimes have a piece of fruit if I can’t make it until dinner. I also have a food scale to help me portion out my servings, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can eyeball it. 

I do exercise 5-6 days week, but I don’t use it as a reason to eat more. I typically do 45 minutes of cardio and a brief weight session, which only burns around 250 calories for me. I will sometimes let myself have an extra hundred or so calories at the most so I don’t end up overeating and undo all my progress. I will say that I thought I’d find this number of calories restrictive, but I’m usually full at the end of meals and have stopped doing any distracted eating, which is a huge reason why I have to lose weight in the first place. I also allow myself to eat anything as long as I stay close to my limit. I’ve eaten steak, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the occasional cookie or piece of cake, and I am still consistently losing weight. As I get closer to my goal weight, I’ll need to eat a little bit better, but it’s been nice not having whole food groups off-limits. 


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I recently had a baby so I’m balacing trying to get back into shape (I was so lazy during pregnancy) with breastfeeding/maintaining supply, but I love love love FitnessBlender. They are online and their videos are totally free and really fun- they also have all different kinds of workouts from HITT to Pilates and workouts for every level. They do have paid programs you can do on their website if you’re getting started but so much free content it’s great and so easy to do at home!

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