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  • poll: What do you use?
    IUD (no hormones) : (7 votes)
    6 %
    IUD (hormones) : (16 votes)
    14 %
    The shot : (3 votes)
    3 %
    Arm implant : (5 votes)
    4 %
    The pill : (35 votes)
    30 %
    Condoms : (23 votes)
    20 %
    Withdrawal/fertility tracking/natural family planning : (21 votes)
    18 %
    Ring : (5 votes)
    4 %
    Patch : (1 votes)
    1 %
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    I want to have my tubes tied. They basically refused even though im in my mid 30s and have 2 kids. They kept saying I’ll regret it. I have to wait until I’ve finished breastfeeding to have the op anyway, so I’ll try again then. dogmamateacherbee :  

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    She did make some good points about the risks of the surgery. She was really pushing the coil and not listening to my reasons for not having hormones.dogmamateacherbee :  

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    dogmamateacherbee :  I previously had the arm implant and it worked really well for about 18 months and then just didn’t. My period was erratic and my hormones were all over the place. I broke down on the motorway to work because of a sad story on the radio. The doctor gave me the pill to regulate my period. It worked for a month but adding more hormones just made the mood swings and emotions even worse. Tried a different pill but same results. They wanted to try a different brand again but I was just done and asked for it out. Had a cow of a nurse who grumbled about me wasting NHS resources as it still had 18 months. See how many resources I waste when I total my car because I can’t see through my tears and crash my car!

    We discussed just doing the pill and not the implant but we both decided I needed a bit of time away from the hormones to settle again. Neither of us liked me on the hormonal birth control. We used condoms and I realised that my sex drive had plummeted whilst on birth control. It also raised my anxiety. This and a combination of my reaction last time I tried hormonal birth control meant we’ve just stuck with condoms. I roughly use NFM and We occasionally use the pull out method (probably once every six months) but mostly use condoms without worrying about NFM. We use extra safe condoms though. We’ve been using them about 8 years now and we’ve had one break and a trip for the morning after pill.

    We’re 60% sure we’ll have a kid in the next few years but there’s still a chance we might be CFBC. I don’t want to rely on condoms permanently either if we’re CFBC or after we’ve had one. But I’m also not sure about long term sterilisation, not through fear of changing my mind but through subjecting either one of us to an elective medical procedure. We’ve discussed it and him getting the snip carries far less risk but there is still some risk. There’s a lot of things to weigh up.

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    I was on the ring for over a decade until my husband got a vasectomy. I am so happy to have it taken care of now without me having to take any hormones.

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    dogmamateacherbee :  I took the pill for a couple of months after getting married, but stopped it as it lead to no drive at all, I didn’t bother looking for a different one. We used something like the rhythm method for a few months, well that didn’t work because I ovulated early one month and now I’m pregnant ๐Ÿ˜‚. 

    I’m planning on trying the non-hormonal IUD once my baby is born. 

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    dogmamateacherbee :  I didn’t want to put anything unnecessary into my body, so it was abstinence for 25 years, paired with condoms for peace of mind for the next 8-9 (yeah, I hadn’t expected to wait that long!) and then just condoms.  They worked just fine, we never had an ‘oops.’  I like not having to worry about cysts like my bestie got, or various other side effects and hormonal changes when my husband can just throw on some rubber.  He mentioned the pill when we were engaged but I talked him out of it almost immediately – he won’t even take a tylenol when he’s got a headache so why expect me to do something daily?  He saw the duh and never mentioned it again.

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    I’ve never had issues with hormonal BCP (and have horrendous periods without it) so that’s what I was on for over a decade. Post-baby, I’m on the mini pill bc of BFing and Dh uses condoms and pulls out bc we do NOT want a #2 for awhile (or ever).

    I plan on going back on hormonal BCP after my next annual exam and I can get a new script from my doctor.

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    It is absolutely ridiculous that CFBC people, especially women, are blocked from making decisions over their own bodies by ignorant medical professionals and in some cases legislators. But there is a list of doctors on the CF reddit page that can point you in the direction of medical personnel that will complete the procedure. The list is world wide so not just for Americans because alas it is a world wide issue.

    dogmamateacherbee :   sweetdee89 :  

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    We will actually be trying soon so I’m not on anything right now but condoms. 

    I was on Nexplanon (the arm implant). It was great. You don’t have to remember to do anything. Pretty easy insertion and lasts for 4/5 years. Way more reliable than the pill. Mine was actually expired so when I had it removed I decided to go on the pill so we could ttc whenever we wanted. I liked the pill too. I just didn’t like having to remember to take it! I think I only forgot to take it a day or two but just to be sure, the whole time we did the pull out method as well. 

    I honestly don’t understand why the Nexplanon isn’t more popular. 

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    I had incredibly long and irregular cycles (often would go 9-10 weeks between periods!) and extremely heavy periods with terrible cramping— until I started on the pill when I was 25. Holy moly, it was life changing. I’ve never had any negative side effects and my periods are now predictable, light and cramp-free. My husband and I are planning to start ttc in 2020 and I’m dreading going off my OCPs ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

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    I liked the Mirena IUD because it was birth control that I didn’t have to think about. My primary doctor preferred the Nexplanon (arm implant) and that’s what I have now. I actually really like it. I had bleeding at first that had to be treated with Ibuprofen. Eventually that stopped and now I don’t have periods at all. It’s awesome. It works great and I don’t have to think about it. 

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    Can none be an option? Seriously. I will say before having my rant that the longest/best was the copper IUD for me – but I had a bad experience too

    In my late teens/early 20s I did a mix of depo/the pill – weight gain, anxiety, headaches. My body doesn’t like hormones. 

    I then got a copper IUD put in and had it in for 5 years with no drama! Got it removed, had my daughter, got another one put in at 3 months post partum (advice from OB as had a section). 

    Anyway – this time it was ROUGH. My periods were extremely heavy and painful after having my baby and 5 months later, it expelled during an immensely heavy period. It was scary and painful. I had pain especially while sitting down for a few days and finally put my finger up there to feel the sharp plastic literally hanging out of my cervix. It was 1am and my daughter was crying for a feed. I fed her in pain and felt sick to my stomach. I lay in bed wide awake and crying on and off until my Dear Daughter woke for the day at about 6am and we went to the doctor as soon as they opened and he took it out. Thankfully no lasting damage etc

    We then used condoms for 3 months while deciding what we wanted to do. That made our sex life not spontaneous and therefore non-existent pretty much. We decided that we don’t want another baby for the next few years (or not at all) so for now, we need something reliable…

    A month ago I decided to go on the combined pill. My heavy periods had made me anemic and quite unwell so she suggested I take this to stop my period for a while. Well… I bled everyday for a whole month since starting it… I also initially broke out and got very emotional for about 2 weeks – like extra anxious and sad and cried daily…

    But that has settled! So – no BC has been great for me yet. But I am currently on the pill

    We’re 28 and Darling Husband says that if our Dear Daughter reaches 4/5 years old and we still don’t want more kids, he’ll get the snip… she’s 1 so a while to go!!!

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    dogmamateacherbee :  The pill gave me insane mood swings & made me really depressed so condoms it is! 

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    I’m on the mini pill which is the best fit for me. Although, it does only have a 3 hour window to take it in which is a pain. 

    I’ve had the mirena coil and loved it to begin with, but then when hubby and I were intimate the strings kept stabbing him no matter how I tried to position them and Too Much Information he’d often have 2 little red dots on his tip afterwards that would bleed. The coil also ended up getting embedded so I went to have it checked and the Dr said she didn’t think it was but would remove it and the coil got stuck halfway out my cervix! My uterus started contracting and I went into shock and she had to get other drs and nurses in there to help after putting the bed back so my head was lower than my legs. I couldn’t believe she’d left the room while I had my legs in the stirrups and a coil hanging out halfway! So it had embedded but she said she pull it out because she couldn’t leave it like that. I still get pain about 7 years later in the bit where it had embedded. 

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