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@Overjoyed:  I was afraid you might say that ๐Ÿ™  Thanks for trying to help anyways!  I’m going to have to think of some other creative ways to resolve this….

I’m sorry you’re getting some flak from some of the other posters, but I appreciate your candor and desire to help/provide info in this thread!


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@Overjoyed:  Thanks for your reply on that didnt realise it had already been mentioned. 

As I said earlier I have great respect for your faith and all faiths, and applaud you and all people who are actually ACTIVE in their fiath not just when its suits them. Even witnessing here on the BEE! 

I have my own opinion as do you and everone here, its good if it can be kept in good form:) All opinions and views be they positive or negative have been recieved by you in a great manner.

OP I would suggest cutting this topic off soon before it goes bad ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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@Overjoyed:  I don’t have any other questions that I’d like to know the answer of besides these:




1. Why is it OK for you to take life in the name of religion. Shouldn’t God decide for himself who lives and dies? Technically if you refuse giving your child a blood transfusion because of YOUR religion, you are responsible for their death.




2. Why is it acceptable in your religion to force it upon children who cannot decide for themselves? Especially when they might not even be old enough to understand what they are even dying for? I can tell you 9 times out of 10 a child is going to want to LIVE and experience life instead of die at a young age.




3. Isn’t denying your child a blood transfusion a bit sacrificial then? You know they don’t want to die and are probably still terrified of death as they are children but you willingly would let them die because you know they….would understand if they were older and followed the JW faith?? 








Those are the questions I asked you while I gave my opinion that those practices are barbaric in my opinion. I didn’t call you barbaric.




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@PinkMermaid:  @OP, I was wondering about this as well. It’s genuine curiousity on my end. If you aren’t offended, would you be able to provide some insight on how that works? Even if you’re quoting someone else instead of your personal beliefs.


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Do Jehova’s Witnesses believe that Jesus died on a cross?


Do they believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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I am surprised to see you here. My fiance and his four immediate family members are ex-JW’s. They left about six years ago. His entire extended family on both sides has beeen JW, since the beginning of the religion. My understanding from them is that looking at a site like the WB, would be to engage in, “bad associations”.

It makes me very sad how they JW’s de-emphasize family bonds in favor of “spiritual family”. I will have close to 25 family members at our wedding. They are flying in from coast to coast, even though some have limited means and small children. He has just as many family members, but I have only met two grandparents. His grandfather is a retired circuit overseer. They only live 2 hours away and sadly will not be attending our wedding. I sent them a Save the Date and when I saw them next, (one of only two times in 3 years), neither one of them even congratulated us on our engagement, asked to see the ring… nothing. So sad : (

I feel bad for you, and all the wonderful things you miss out on. I threw a birthday party for my Future Mother-In-Law last year. It was the first she had ever had. She cried when we sang Happy Birthday to her. I know this is what you have been conditioned to do, and you believe you are only trying to help…, but I don’t think it is appropriate to “witness” on the WB boards. I would love to hear about any non JW things you would like to post about though : )

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I have a genuine question. I used to date a JW. Well, his parents were. He was inactive. I was handed a WT almost every time I saw them, but this one always sticks out. What is going on in this picture?

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So, we can be friends with lions and tigers? I’ve genuinely never understood this concept, even when it was explained to me before.

And, I have this question for anyone that claims to be Christian or Christian-like: How can you disown a child or other family member (or letting a child die which is medical neglect, btw) because they’ve broken a rule or “law” as you called it. I’ve seen this rip families apart, and I just feel like it’s against everything that Jesus was about in the first place.

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Wow.  Thank you for taking the time to go through all of these posts!  I’ve just read through them all and have certainly learned a lot about a topic that I knew almost nothing about! 

I guess my question sort of relates to another question asked.  I know that you said you would rather your child die than receive a blood transfusion, to which I understand the reasons why.  But say your child were to, perhaps at a similar age you discovered and committed to your religion, want to choose their own path.  Is that encouraged?  Maybe not perhaps you, but within the religion in general? 

For example, I had a friend back in high school who was raised JW.  Around grade 11, she made the personal choice to leave, and identified herself as agnostic.  She participated in the school blood drive and her parents almost kicked her out of the house. All her family members, friends, family friends etc. who were JW totally changed their attitude towards her.  I would have thought they would be happy that she found her own peace? 


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@Overjoyed:  Thank you for starting this thread! I am genuinely curious about the life experiences of others who come from a different background, but it’s often hard to ask. As an ethnic and religious minority myself, I think that the key to tolerance is education. I always welcome questions (so long as they don’t come with obvious judgment, as some PP have phrased theirs). So, thank you!

My questions have to do with blood transfusions. Would you be okay with storing your own blood for a future procedure? I’m not sure if this is what you mean by “bloodless procedure.”

As a mother, you are legally responsible for your children’s medical care. How will you reconcile your religious beliefs with your children’s wellbeing if it comes into issue?

Sorry if these questions were answered already. I read the first few responses but my curiosity got the best of me.

ETA: Another question that I just thought of… Do you vote? It’s my understanding that Jehovah’s Witnesses maintain political neutrality.

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