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Our story is not romantic at all.  

We’d been together for 1.5 years (yes, you read that correctly), and he hadn’t said it yet.  I was too afraid to say it first because I honestly didn’t know what sort of reaction I’d get.  (He’s not really a “talk about my feelings” kind of guy.)

We were in a long distance relationship at the time (we were long distance for a little over 2 years), and I finally summoned the courage to bring it up during one of our nightly phone conversations.  

I remember we were having a long, serious conversation.  At one point I told him that there was something on my mind that I was really nervous to bring up, but that I really needed to know.  It took me a while to get it out, but finally I just blurted out, “Do you love me?” and he said, “Yes.”  No hesitation.  I just remember feeling this intense relief because I knew by that point if he said he wasn’t sure, paused for a long time before responding, etc. I probably couldn’t stay in the relationship … Not after that long.  I guess I felt like if you’re with someone for 1.5 years you know whether or not you love them … And if you don’t, it’s probably time to move on since you probably wouldn’t just “suddenly” fall in love with them several months or years later.  It would just be a waste of time for everyone involved.

So … Not a romantic story.  Not a funny story.  But it’s our story, so I guess that makes it special.  

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Another not romantic story here! We had been dating for like two months and were sitting on my parent’s couch talking/having a heart to heart. He was talking about how he was so happy I gave him a chance(his ex-fiance had just died not long before we started dating), thought I was perfect, etc. and dropped the ‘I Love You’ bomb. All I’m thinking is “Holy crap, we’ve been dating for two weeks!!!” So I just kind of mumbled “Oh…well..thank you” and gave him a hug hahah I had no idea what to do! Then not too much longer after that day I reciprocated πŸ™‚ 

But hey, I was always so furious in my last relationship because it took my ex 2.5 years to say ‘I love you’ and I could never get over that. So I guess all my complaining about how awful that was gave me the complete opposite of a really soon ‘I love you’! πŸ˜›

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Helper bee

When we first started dating he was doing flooring installations out of town… about 2 months into seeing each other he was I think in Mississippi or Alabama, during Hurricane Katrina doing a floor for the girls Justice stores and at night he would call me and we would talk until like 4 or 5 in the mornings. 

Well it was around 4 in the morning one night and I was getting tired (3 hours sleep for a few weeks straight can make any girl cranky) and he was trying to say something and it wasn’t coming out right.  He was stumbling around with his words and I just finally said “You know what, if you want to break up then just do it!  I’m a big girl and can handle it” and then like the big girl I am, I hung up on him!

He called right back and said I wasn’t trying to break up with you!  I was trying to tell you I LOVE YOU!

Yep, I said I loved him too!

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Mine is slightly horrible, but we’ve gotten to the point we can kind of laugh at it.

Because of the stress of the LDR and not knowing how we could logistically make things work, I broke up with him. Except we weren’t officially together by any means, but we had essentially fallen into the role of being a couple.

It was a horrible week, and I dreamed about him almost every night. In one of the dreams he told me he loved me, and I said I loved him too.

The next day I got online and was checking in on him. I started to ramble about the dream, and I only stated the first part – that he had said he loved me. There was very awkward silence and he asked, “Well, did you say anything in the dream?” I told him my answer. Then I realized the dream was very much true and I did love him, and I tried to backpedal. I told him I wasn’t seeking a response from him and that I didn’t mean to make things more painful between us, and he was free to just ignore the comment.

We sat in silence for a couple minutes before he finally said I deserved to know that he loved me too.

While we pitifully agreed that our “I love you” exchange did not change things, it obviously did. We got back together within a month and have somehow made the international distance work.

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Mine is not romantic but kind of is if you were there lol. 

We had been dating 5 months and neither of us would say it so for the last two of those 5 months we had been saying “I like you a lot.” (Every time I said it I meant I love you)

My grandmother passed away and it was really hard cause we were close and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it across the country to her funeral. He held me while I cried and told him about her, he was so sweet and loving. So I end up being able to go to the funeral wich was the same weekend he and his roommate were throwing their “cinco de Mustache” party.

when I left that morning I was stalling waiting for him to say it cause I could tell he wanted to but he didn’t so we said our “I like you a lots” and I left.

I had left my pink silk boxer shorts (which I sleep in) over at his place by mistake. He took it upon himself to wear them and a plaid robe and a mustache (of course) to the party. 

He got highly intoxicated and then locked himself in his room and called me at 4am (my time in FL) he was crying as he explained that he meant what he was about to say and that the alcohol may be the reason he was able to finally say it. Then he told me I didn’t have to say anything back…. Then a long pause…. Then… “I love you, I have wanted to say it for so long, I wanted to tell you before you left but I was too scared. I’m sorry! I haven’t loved someone like this before. I’m scared but I’m so happy” 

I didn’t know what to say, I loved him too but it was just so crazy! I finally said “I love you too.”  he said “are you sure?” So I had to reassure him I really did and then convince him that I had to go back to sleep lol!

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Bumble bee

I think mine’s pretty romantic, but I’ll keep it concise.

We were best friends for 7 months before we started dating. He’d had a crush on me for a lot longer than that! Over those months, he kept sneaking the L-word into conversations. Saying things like “It’s my job to make you feel loved” or telling me to listen to romantic songs (like “Favorite Girl” by the Icarus Account). I was so fickle and worried. He couldn’t get me to agree to start a relationship for a long time, and I’d broken up with a guy before because he said it way too early, so of course he was nervous!

Finally, after all those months, we were whispering in my doorway for hours after hanging out at my place. The talk started to veer towards romance, as it had been doing a lot lately. Just before midnight, he put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Camille, I need you to know that I’m in love with you.” I couldn’t help myself – I’m kind of explosive – and after a moment of stunned silence, I burst out, “Oh Dylan, I love you, I’ve always loved you!” I leaned forward to kiss his cheek, and he turned his head and grabbed my waist and turned it into our first kiss.

The next day, I finally agreed to start dating exclusively. Of course. How could a girl keep putting it off after a confession like that? πŸ™‚

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we meow at each other.  There is a special meow that means I love you.  Yup we are weird πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee

We started seeing each other casually in October and decided to be an exclusive couple in December. About two weeks after that, we were on the phone (he was home visiting family on Christmas break) while he was out with friends. He’d had a drink or two, and when we hung up he said, “I love you.”

I sat there, stunned, wondering if he said it by accident until he texted, “Yes, I’ve had a few to drink but I meant what I just said. Hope it doesn’t freak you out.”

I called back and told him that I was so happy, but not sure if I felt the same yet. A week later, I was sure and told him over Skype πŸ™‚

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Sugar bee
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We went camping and white water rafting with friends in Quebec. We (him and I) decided to chill in his car before bed and look at the stars through the moon roof. We were hugging each other and chatting and I just turned to him and said “I think I am really falling for you….” , he then looked at me for like 30 seconds and said “I love you”, I replied “I love you too”. Then we kissed….been natural to say it ever since.

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We’d been together almost 11 months (but he was often gone long lengths of time for work).  We were away for a romantic weekend in Niagara Falls.  It was our second night there and we were on the big ferris wheel.  I’ll admit, we fooled around and got pretty hot and heavy on the ferris wheel.. and afterward, he just said “So…. I think I love you…” and i jumped on him and said I loved him too!!! That night in bed, when we said goodnight, I told him to tell me again…

We haven’t stopped saying it since!!! I can never say it enough because he’s so wonderful!

I should add I was SOOO excited because even at 24 years old, he was the first boy to ever tell me he loved me… I’d refused to be the first to say it because I needed to be 100% sure that when he said it, it was because HE felt it.  He’d said it a few times before to girls… I needed to hear it first.

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i told him not to say it. i’d been in really realy horrible relationships where the “L” word was tossed around and used as blackmail and just, not good things. so when he and i got serious, i told him not to say it unless he truly meant it. so he waited until i said it first. which was a good 3 weeks after he’d wanted to say it to me.

i told him a knock-knock joke.

knock knock.

who’s there?


olive who?

olive you.

it was cute. and i still pull that knock knock joke out every so often.

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Worker bee

We met in a chatroom, I cussed him out, I appologized. That was within 2 days. Then he said I love you and I said it back and I was like “So does that mean we’re dating?” Bahah. true story. All within 3 days(; And we’re still together almost 3 years later.

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About 4 months into our dating, after prefacing our relationship with boundaries on the L word, and how overused and meaningless it can be in this day and age…

I was propped up against FI’s chest one night during a cuddle session, chitchatting away, when all of a sudden he just quit breathing. Just quit. He said, “Babe…” And went stone still. I said, “Yes…?” and just waited. He froze like thatprior to our dating relationship on the night he first asked me to lay my head on his chest, so I had a pretty good idea what was coming! (And none too soon, I’d been choking back I Love You’s for weeks!) He exhaled, “I love you!” and I sighed “Oh I love you too!”… such a huge relief for both of us I think, to finally get it out! Silly how we tiptoed around it for so long πŸ™‚

Sidenote: Amusingly enough, he’d been “proposing” to me for months as best friends.

After I did anything he deemed awesome… like showing him my shot up target from the gun range, or quoting some Star Wars factoid, or successfully operating an intimidating powertool… he’d look me dead in the eyes, grinning, and say, “Oh my gosh, will you please marry me?!”


Come to find out he’d alway meant that a little more seriously than I’d ever thought… πŸ™‚

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Honey bee
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Heh. Not super romantic… First time was pretty early, we were hanging out in my dorm room in our building at the University in Tokyo where we were studying abroad. He was upset, because he knew I kind of saw it as an “abroad fling” whereas he wanted to be more serious about me… he held me close and said “I love you.” I was quite not ready for that, and said something along the lines of “that’s sweet.” Ha. 

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Sugar bee

We had just got back to his place after going to his Grandma’s for an Easter lunch. I had deeper feelings for him for about amonth or two but would not say it first. Anyway, we sat and talked on the couch for a little while about how sweet his grandma was and how much fun the day was  (simple day…ate lunch and talked and played some games on her wii with her)…and we started talking about things of the future. He got really quiet and wouldn’t tell me what was on his mind. After a little while I left because I had to work that night. On my way home I called my friend and still her I thought he was going to tell me but wouldn’t say what was on his mind. 

Later in the week I went to his house and we played some cribbage with his roommate and made dinner together. After his roommate went to bed, we sat around and talked while kind if watching a tv show together. A commercial came on and he turned to me and pulled my chin to face him. He said “Nicole, when I first met you I had no idea you would mean so much to me. I’m falling in love with you.”

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