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@CarolF:  OMG, your story is almost identical to mine! We were about 4-5 months in, cuddling on his bed just talking and then all of sudden, he holds his breath and then BAM, “I love you” whispered in my ear. We also had discussions about how overused the L word is and how some people make it meaningless and he didn’t want that for us. In fact, he even said to me, “let’s not say it too much”… which I tease him about all the time now because he says it CONSTANTLY, much more than I do. 


8 years later, our current cheesy exchange:

DH: I love you

Me: I love you more

DH: I don’t think that’s even possible




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I’d taken him to London for his birthday, only a month after we met. He’d been hinting that he was almost ready to say it and the whole day he was waiting for the ‘perfect moment’, In the end, we said it while cuddled under an umbrella, drenched from the rain and sitting on a bench outstide the Natural History Museum. Perhaps not your typical romantic scene, but I do so love the rain.

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Longtime friends, we started dating my senior year of undergrad. We had agreed to take things slowly and enjoy our time. We had gone out to celebrate six months of happy dating and were full, happy, and cuddling on my bed. He was glowing and acting more affectionate than other times. We had gone with “I like you” and had even found “I like you” cards for Valentine’s Day (unknowingly bought the same card!!!) and I had been holding back saying “I love you”  for about 3 weeks because I wanted to hear it from him first. He was holding me and we had mentioned to each other that we felt so good and happy. Next, he locked eyes with me, touched my face, used my full name, and told me he loves me, and gave me one of those gentle kisses that feels like it changes your insides around…I returned the favor, locking eyes, using his name, and giving him a smooch. I was lying close only a few moments later, my eyes misty and my smile bright, and i felt his cheek was wet… completely stole my heart that day. Ahhh! what a guy.

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I love these stories!


I  realised that I loved him a few weeks after starting our relationsghip, but I did not say it…instead I blurted it out a couple of weeks later when I didn’t mean to. Anyway, he didn’t say it back (he said he thought he felt the same way but wasn’t ready to say it.) so I decided not to say it again until he did. 

After an amount of time that I can’t remember, my feelings for him were getting stronger and stronger but he still hadn’t said it…so one night when he was leaving I said, “you know what I said before? Well, I meant it.” “me too” was his reply  I can’t remember when the “I love you” happened but I do like to tell him regularly that’s how I feel!

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We had been friends for several years, then became friends with benefits, promising that if either of us developed deeper feelings, then we would decide whether or not to end it.

One day, we were chatting on facebook and I was making fun of him for something and he said I was a pain in the arse. I replied with “Yeah, but you love me anyway!” He then said “Yes, I do. So much so that I think that I love you as more than a friend now.”
I panicked so much that I slammed my laptop shut. I then logged back on pretty much straight away to say that I loved him too.

We did something a little more romantic a few days later when we caught up and were lying in bed, and he started singing “I’ll never fall in love again” to me.

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Ours is just embarrasing and a little tragic. We’d gotten to the 6 months mark and one month after that I was due to go on a 6 week trip overseas, so we were on the internet chatting (we were not LDR, we were just apart on that day) and I brought to his attention the fact that we had not said the L word yet, and what he thought about that. He said he just didn’t feel that way about me, and because I was due to go on a big Contiki tour 4 weeks later I suggested that we take a break (hey, I wasn’t going to pass up a holiday fling if I was with a guy who wasn’t serious about me. I was pretty sure I loved him at that stage but I’d been burnt before and didn’t want to get hurt again). He said a break was cool with him. 

Then I thought, eff it I’m just going to break it off completely, I don’t want any complications while I go overseas. Broke up with him face to face, he went back to his friend’s house and spent the night crying (so his friend said) called in sick the next day, then the next night he asked if I’d go to his place so we could talk… where he then said ‘I do love you, I don’t want to break up’ … then I said I loved him too. Haha… so messed up. Let me tell you our relationship is so much more stable now 😉

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@navybride0428:  Your story is adorable! Ah ferris wheels…

I was the one who told my Fiance I loved him first, and then he told me to look back over the last few letters he’d written me (we used to write each other letters) and in the margins he’d spelled out ‘I love you’ in tiny writing, one letter in the margin per letter – so I in the first letter, L in the next etc.  

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I love reading these! There are some really sweet stories in here, and now I’m laying on my couch (w/ my dogs) grinning like crazy.


I need to start my story by saying that both my partner and I were previously married. He was really burned by his ex, and had said he never thought he’d be in love again and definitely never married again (HA HA there). Anyway, we had been getting more and more serious. Then the night before St Patrick’s Day a band that he and his friends love was playing (i started to like them to). We had a blast, and hung out w/ the band after (they’re friends w/ one of his closet friends). We went and grabbed dinner after (and he had a few more drinks – I had like one beer and a shot b/c I had to be up the next day early to teach). The ride home was about 45 min, and the whole time he was just.. . not himself. He was talking rather weird. So, we’re in his driveway, and he grabs my hand but won’t get out of the car. he starts saying stuff like, I just need to say this and then you can go. You can just let me go in and blah blah blah. I thought he was breaking up with me. he started talking about his feelings, and how I make him feel… how he just wants to take care of me and laugh me with me. Then he told me that he loved me. He was crying, and convinced I’d high tail it out of there. For a few weeks I had known that I loved him but didnt say it. I told him that iloved him too, and we hugged. then we went inside and in the dark, in the kitchen, i tried to convince him that I did love him and would stick around. 

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We were only a few weeks into dating and SO called me up and told me he wanted to go out someplace special, someplace with a beautiful natural view or something, he wanted to talk to me about something. I didn’t think much of it, I figured it he just wanted some peaceful downtime with me, so we went to this street lined with shops that runs up an hill that had a little observation seating area that looks out over the city we were in at the time. When we got to the observation seating area, it was filled with people. We sat down on the edge of a crowded bench and I asked him what he needed to talk to me about. He said this wasn’t the place, it wasn’t comfortable enough. So we stood up and walked a little further up the street and I could tell he was getting a little frustrated because he just couldn’t find that place he wanted with a beautiful view and quiet. So eventually, I told him I didn’t know if I could find him the place he was looking for, so he just asked me to lean with him on this gate which had trees hanging over it. I asked if everything was okay and he said, “I..I love you.” It was so sweet. I didn’t say it back though. I just thanked him and I told him I was very touched. He didn’t get mad or upset. He just said he wanted me to know. A week later, we went to a university campus that had a lovely long walkway lined with trees and we sat down on a bench. He put his arms around me and I put my head on his shoulder and then he asked me if I thought about what he had said last week. I said yes. He said, “And now….?” I waited a moment then looked up at him and said, “I love you too.” He broke out into this beautiful grin and said, “Really?” I nodded and he kissed my forehead.

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We had only been dating a little over a month but I knew before we even started dating that he was the man I would marry:) We were sitting on my chouch talking and there was a long pause where we were just staring in eachothers eyes and he said “I love you.” I answered, “What?” He just repeated that he loved me. Again, my only response was, “what?” We repeated this 5 times before I finally processed what he was saying. Of course I said it back:) Now we’re “that couple” that says I love you all the time:) 

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Oh it has been so much fun reading all of these stories! Here’s mine, and I must apologize for  writing quite a novel Tongue Out

It was a month or so after we had been seeing one another and it was our first night out as an offical couple. We live in Denmark (he’s Danish and I’m an American) and were drinking at a bar near the canal with all of his closest friends. He had to work early the next day so we decided to leave early and walk home together. At one point he stopped and grabbed me to face him and I remember he had the biggest smile on his face. He looked at me so sweetly and told me that he wanted to be with me for a long time and would move with me back to the States to make that happen. He told me that he had been thinking about it a lot and he pictured himself working as a chef in an American restaurant while I finish my last year of school. He told me he would support whatever I wanted to do and wished for me to get a great internship before graduation because I deserve it (I had been hunting for one but was concerned about getting something unpaid and not making enough income).

After all of that we began walking again and were joking around and laughing. He was complimenting my ability to walk in heels after drinking and I started making fun of and imitating the women that look like Bambi when they walk in them. Sometime after that we were still goofing off and he was swinging my arm and holding my hand when he looked over at me and says “I just love you so much!” in the happiest voice with the most darling expression on his face. I think my heart skipped a beat, it was so sweet and I knew already that I loved him too. However, we of course had been drinking so my initial reaction was that it was just a drunken word vomit. So to avoid any embarassment I just kissed him instead of saying anything or pointing it out.

The next morning we were laying in bed talking and I was going on about how perfect this is and how much I really liked him. It was then he goes “well you know how I feel about you, I told you last night.” I couldn’t help but giggle as I exclaimed that I loved him too, I was just worried it was a drunken word vomit on his part. Everything about it to me was just so perfect! Everything between us has been moving so fast but it feels so right and I know with all of my heart that he is my soul mate. It’s all so crazy but in the very best way possible! 

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We both had been fighting using the word “love” since a week or so after dating (both of us were extreme skeptics and didn’t really believe you could love someone that soon..lol). Well he kept almost saying it…he would say stuff like “I more than like you” and I’d be like “what does that mean?” and he would say “it means my feelings for you are stronger than liking you” 😐 so this went on for about a week…then one day he spent the night at my house and we both woke up in the middle of the night at like 4 am and he looked like he was going to throw up or pass out haha. He said something about needing to say something that was a phrase that he feels like is crazy to say at this point (we’d only been officially dating a couple weeks). Well finally after about an hour he was laying there and said, “I think I’m a little scared to admit to myself that I love you” and I told him I loved him too and that was it. 

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Mine was SO not romantic. We had been dating 8 months and still no “I love you” had been said. I wanted him to say it first because I didn’t want to get rejected. Turns out, he hadn’t said it for the same reason.




So in the months leading up to it, he gave me little signs. He gave me a candy heart around Valentine’s day that said “I Love You.” He would say he loved certain things about me – my voice, etc. But he never said that he loved ME specifically. Finally, I was sitting with him on the couch one day and for some reason I joked that no one loved me. I think the cat swatted at me or something. I was curious what he would say. He said, “somebody loves you” and kissed my forehead. I didn’t say anything, which probably freaked out Fiance.




On Memorial day, I was drunk as a skunk. We were laying in bed, and I was about to pass out. I thought to myself, this is ridiculous, we’re talking about me moving in and haven’t even said “I love you”?! So I blurted out “I love you” and braced for the seering pain of rejection. He said, “What?” and I HAD TO REPEAT MYSELF OMG. I said it again, and he said “I love you too.”




The next morning he left for work, and asked if I still loved him. I guess he thought I blacked out. I said “of course”, and he said, “good, I love you too.” After that the floodgates opened and he says it way more than I do. 90% of the time, he says it first.


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My FH told me he loved me first a few times and I wouldn’t say it back! I did love him, but I was recently out of a really unhealthy relationship before meeting my prince! I was so nervous to be moving so fast. When I realized I really did love him (so much) I decided it was time for me to say it! He was scared to say it again after my nonresponsiveness..

one day I left his apartment to go back to my place.. after like 10 minutes in the car, I was like “omg Chelsea, you are madly in love with him. He wants to hear it. hes said it like four times by now and you only say aw thank you! “So I turned back around and ran into his apartment and I ran up to him and shouted I LOVE YOU. He was like ” I love you too, so much. I’ve been waiting to hear that!”

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SO had wanted to tell in August before I studied abroad. We had gone to the boardwalk & months later he told me that he wanted to say it then. Until the day he actually said it we used to say ‘I something you’.

SO said it on Valentine’s Day. He gave me a sweet card where he said he didn’t care if it was cliche & then he have me my gift which was an engraved jewelry box from Things Remembered that said “I Love you braverbeating”. It was super sweet & I, of course, responded in kind 🙂

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