(Closed) Your most annoying co-worker characters-who are they?

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I find the “office martyr” most annoying. You know, the “woe is me, I have to do my job today” types. I once worked somewhere where the receptionist would complain about the phones being busy. Her job was to answer the phones.

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There is one girl who wil talk with the women in the office across the hall from mine and loudly complain about how much she hates her husband, he is lazy, mean to her and she doesn’t trust him. And she will go on and on yelling about how much her life sucks and how she wakes up pissed off. 

Sometimes in her work room she yells out real gems like if she didn’t work part time and was with her son all day she would “kill him”, and when she is wearing a dress she loves to remind everyone that she does not wear underwear when she wears skirts or dresses…yeah, keep it classy sweatheart.

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I call him Douche Bag co-worker. He’s immature and has anger issues. He often blows up and swears, kicks his desk, throws his cell phone, etc. He’s also entirely disgusting — belches loudly and often without saying excuse me, doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom, smacks when he chews. Yuck. If we worked in a more professional environment he’d have been fired ohhhh 2 years, 11 months, and 29 days ago. He’s been working here 3 years. Ugh.

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mine is kind of mean: 

my co-worker is a person who claims to be the webmaster (she is not, her job is to just tell the real web designer what to do). but her credentials are super outdated – she took one class in the 90’s.  she calls herself a nerd and talks about how much she loves HTML code. I hate it when people act like they are so badass at something when I secretly know the truth. maybe she was good at it in the 90’s when everything was totally different, but not anymore. super annoying. also, she just sucks at her job in general, making my job way harder. 

anyway, she is a super nice person, and everybody in the company is her BFF. I feel like such a jerk that I secretly dislike her. but I can’t help it! she annoys the crap out of me!

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The woman who sits directly across from me is super popular and all of the assistants come by her cube constantly to chat. I don’t know how she gets any work done! Anyway I like my cube mate a lot (I can see why she’s popular), but the people who come to visit her get really annoying. 

They basically treat me like her secretary asking me where she is and when she’ll be back and not to sound like snob, but I am her superior! I’ve even had people come up and tap me on the shoulder to ask where she is while I was on the PHONE with a CLIENT before! And when she’s there, sometimes even though I’m clearly super busy, these visitors will try to ‘include’ me in the conversation since they feel awkward that I can clearly hear everything they’re saying. That gets really annoying too because I’m just trying to get work done and really couldn’t care less what they’re talking about.

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@janie-janie: she just sucks at her job in general, making my job way harder

I have one of those. She’s nice and everything, but I spend half of my day fixing her mistakes.

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I work with a lot of pompous *ssholes. Its part of what makes them good at their jobs but they can be incredibly condescending/demanding. Lots of being polite on the phone and then hanging up and cursing them out. Some of them spend more time b*tching about how much you are asking them to do when just sitting down and doing it would waste less of their time.

I swear I like my job.

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I worked with a backstabber! She was my age but a level above me and really gunning for a promotion (which she got). She would give people work and tell them how great a job they did, then take credit for it.

And she always had a backhanded compliment…for example, I showed her a pic of my wedding dress after I bought it and said, “it looks a little diff in person” and she goes, “Oh yeah, I definitely hope it looks better in person.”

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We have a guy who showers twice a week. No joke. He has almost 30 dogs and he sleeps in a barn out back with them on 3 king sized mattresses (NOT EXAGGERATING HERE!). He bragged about spooning with a great dane one day. His wife sleeps in the house and only lets him in 2 times a week to shower, so on all of those other days he comes into the office with his hair spiked in any given direction due to his “hair gel.” He smells like a mixture of B.O., dog, poo, and God knows what else. He can smell up an entire office and has even smelled up an entire warehouse. Someone must have said something once because he started coming in smelling like cologne one day but he must bathe in it, so now the cologne smell really grosses us all out. A girl who sits in the same room as him has so many scented candles lit each day that I joked that she could start a worship service. We all know it’s a problem and have spoken to the higher ups. Still, nothing has really been done…

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OMG StaceyMay! I wouldn’t be surprised if this same guy used to work with us before. Lol! (He’s German descent, by the way).

He told us once how he works/worked undercover for the CIA. And he had to jump out of a helicopter once to save his life. So he ‘ejected’ his seat and bopped his head at landing as he did not have a parachute so he decided to give up that job. But…

Before doing that, he had to perform one last job of tricking the mobs in NYC, (or Chicago? Or Toronto? I can’t remember?). And he was walking around with $500,000 in a suitcase, hoping someone will take his bait. And…. here’s the kicker, they were all $1 bills cuz no one thinks to countereft them. But he did. (Wtf?! That’s $500,000 in $1! OMG! What kind of suitcase was this…)

His stories were OUTRAGEOUS. But he spoke with so much conviction. Lol!

Other than that, the typical ‘touchy-feely’ guys…. especially with sweaty palms. Ugh.

Ppl who LOVE to take the credit for other’s work.

Ppl who try to do as LITTLE as possible and make your life as difficult as possible when your work depends on their work.

I could go on n’ on………..

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@yellowlace: LOL, a real life Dwight Schrute!

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A woman I work with is a MHA (mental health associate) yet she acts like she’s charge RN or the director of our unit.  She tells me what to do (which is NOT part of her job), she acts like I’m a friggin idiot (telling me HOW to do laundry), and is overall a horrible person to work with.  She will take her sweet time to relieve you (we take turns do hall, security boards, etc) yet if you’re 2 seconds late – she flips out.  She refuses to do certain things the charge RN assigns.  It’s basically her way or the high way.  I can’t stand it.  I tell her off all the time.  We’ve complained about her to the director.  Nothing has or will ever change.  

ETA: She pretty much does the same things that I do, but gets paid more because she has a 4 year degree.  I have a two year.  Oh, and for those who may not know, I work in a psychiatric hospital on the geriatric unit.  We do PM and AM care on the patients.  She “assigns” patients for people to do which is not the way it works.

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Oh man, now I don’t feel so bad about making fun of the girl in my office!  She’s SO loud and obnoxious… the worst part is, she thinks she can sing and does so at the drop of a hat.  Let’s see… right now, she’s singing “Traveling Soldier” along with the Dixie Chicks.  Riffs and all.

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