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    I was 15 and out to dinner with a group of friends before the Homecoming dance.  I was in a knee length blue dress and wearing high heels for like the second time ever in my life.

    The dessert display was at the top of about five brick stairs.  I have never been one to pass up on a piece of cake, so I went with the other girls to check out what they had.  I got a big ole chunk of cake!  While walking back down the stairs, I slipped just a teensy little bit and I knew I was going down.  It happened in slow motion.  I went face-first down the brick steps and landed face down, ass up, dress flipped up, arms outstretched… and the cake never even tipped over!

    I hopped up quickly, my girlfriends pulled my dress down over my butt (and were too shocked to even make words happen) and all I could think to say in the room crowded with people was “Um, the cake!  The cake is ok!”

    I had never before, and never since, been so mortified in all of my life.

    I also never wore those shoes again.

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    @Artificial-Sweetener:  Most embarassing moment was also kind of a game changer in Mr. 99 and my’s marriage…we were camping at our mining claim in the mountains, no running water and no potty….we both came down with food poisoning, almost at the same second and as I was squatting behind a bush with horrible things coming out of every part of my body, Mr. 99 was white knuckling through it to break camp so we could get home…..finally he just told me to take my car and go ahead….I will thank the Colorado State Highway division for putting pull outs every 5 miles on Highway 72…because I stopped at every, single, one to throw up as I laid across the hood of my car…..I was absolutley racked with a fever, it was the middle of July and I was blasting the heat, I was probably about half way home, shitting my guts out behind a bush when I heard a car pull up and stop….I hauled my pants up and there’s my husband, looking at me with a face whiter than paper, trotting towards me yanking at his belt….as he dropped trow behind another bush he said,

    “Don’t stop for me gorgeous, they’re playin our song!”

    I was mortified for about a second, then another intestine twisting cramp hit….so yeah, we did that all the way home and then retired to our separate bathrooms for the next 48 hours….but the heating vent is connected, so we could talk to each other in between rounds….

    Most horrific, embarassing, disgusting three hours of my life….and yet another moment in time when I realized, very poingiantly as my husband hung onto my belt while I horked up over a bridge,  and he waved cars past me, that I married the right guy.

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    @Nona99:  LOL!! I’m so glad my FH and I are not embarassed what so ever to sit in the bathroom with each other just in case this EVER happens!

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    @DaneLady:  That is so funny!! Awesome that you didn’t even drop the cake, and wow, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt!

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    @Nona99:  Oh wow, that is definitely a keeper you got there! Like the PP said, very gross yet romantic. Lol!


    As for my most embarassing moment, I was in elementary school. I’m not sure which grade I was in, maybe 3rd grade? Anyway. We were out on the playground for recess. And during recess, the teachers locked the doors to the school so that no one could go back in without permission.


    The teachers normally patrolled the playground and kept watch on us kids. But on this certain day, I was suddenly hit with a very strong urge to pee. And I could not find a teacher ANYWHERE. 


    So I resorted to running to the cafeteria which also happened to face the playground. And the way that these doors were set up was that part of it was see-through glass and part of it wasn’t.


    Now I had started to hold my crotch in an effort to keep myself from peeing my pants. At first, I had thought that they couldn’t see me holding my crotch and that the door was hiding that part. But nope. I was wrong. They just sat there, watching me and laughing.


    Meanwhile, I am banging on the cafeteria door for someone to let me in. Someone finally took pity on me and let me in but it was too late.


    As I began running through the cafeteria with the entire 4th grade watching me and laughing, I started to pee my pants. By the time I finally made it to the bathroom, I no longer needed to use the toilet. 


    Sigh. Not one of my finer moments. :p


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    I sharted the couch a few months ago :/  Honestly it was more funny than embarassing, which is saying a lot, cause it was REALLY embarassing!

    My FI still calls it the “shart end of the couch”.

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    @Nona99:  LOL so sweet in a horrible way. I mean at least you know that if you can still love each other through your worst than your best is really amazing.

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    I was 17 and at my 22 y/o cousins wedding. I caught the bouquet. Then, to my horror, I learn that the guy who caught the garter has to put it on my leg! I had no idea this was a tradition, the last wedding I went to was my grandpa’s second wedding–so even if they did a garter toss, I certainly wasn’t paying attention. I just wanted the pretty flowers! Anyway, the DJ asked me if I was over 18 and I said no, so once the garter go just above my knee, the DJ was like OK STOP!

    After that, my 7 uncles went up to the guy who caught the garter and were all GRRR at him!

    I was so mortified. It certainly didn’t help that it was my cousin’s cute friend who caught it!


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    @DaneLady:  you and I have similar priorities. I would have saved that cake as well 🙂 thats what matters right?… right?!

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    Hmm most embarassing moment.  I have 2.

    First one happened in 7th or 8th grade.  I was sitting in English class writing a paper and my pencil fell on the floor.  The desk was one that had that bar across the right side conecting the desk to the chair.  Instead of getting up out of my seat, walking around to pick up my pencil, I leaned over that bar.  I must also mention that I was the shortest person in my class.  So I’m reaching, and reaching and reaching and all of a sudden the desk tips over with me still in it.  There is this horrific CRASH and I’m still sitting in the chair only its on its side.  I go to get up but the desk has somehow landed on my hair and I have to do this little sommersault, flip to lift it off.  I stand up and everyone starts laughing and clapping.  I’m turning 12 shades of red and the cutest guy in my class comes up to me and says “I missed it, do you think you could do it again in slow motion for me?”  The 2nd cutest guy in my class who was sitting behind me says “She kind of did.  It was hilarious man.”

    2nd most embarassing moment was when I moved (because of first embarassing moment lol j/k).  But seriously I moved because my dad’s job transferred him.  It was my first week in my new school and I slept in missing the bus and my mom had to drive me to school.  It was raining hard and I ran up the stairs to my locker to make it to class on time, in the process of running up the stairs with wet shoes, my foot slips and I fell UP the steps hitting my face on the stair and causing a bloody nose. I did this in front of a couple of cute guys (one who ended up being my boyfriend a few years later).  Needless to say I was still late for class, covered in blood, my mom had to bring me a change of clothes and WAS NOT happy lol.  Luckily I was only at that school for another week before summer break and by that time it was forgotten, sort of.

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    @stardustintheeyes:  Hahaha, yep!  Never mind the bleeding abrasion on my shin and the torn panty hose… THE CAKE IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!

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