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Bumble bee

Leaving lights on all the time. I hate hate hate lights being left on.

Leaving containers that should go in the garbage (yogurt, tv dinners etc) in the sink.

His 10 mins of video games turns into an hour which leaves me waiting for him to get ready to go out instead of the other way around. Or I have finished cleaning the whole house before he stops his game to help and then doesn’t understand why I am mad.

He also folds all pants the way you would fold them if they had pleats and it drives me nuts, I always end of having the re-fold them.

And just the general fact that unless it effects him today he doesn’t think about it and doesn’t remember. Drives me crazy.

missfroggy – We (I) only clean our litter once a week for one cat. But we do have the doors and windows open constantly since our apartment is always so hot. So maybe thats why I don’t notice it much Or because our rabbit overtakes the smell of the cat lol.

Mrs.Estep – I am guilty of always leaving my socks in the living room lol. I hate wearing socks so I rip them off as soon as I sit down on the couch after work. My dad does the same thing so I guess thats where I got it from.  

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Busy bee
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He can make his clothes disappear. Which is great,until I do a big load of washing and then as soon as its done,I find this huuuuge pile of washing of his stuff, and he whinges that he doesnt have enough work clothes/tops etc. Drives me insane, I can look all over the plcae for his secret stash of washing,dont find it so I assume he doesnt have any,and then he walks in with this sad look on his face and says “babe,where are all my socks/boxers/work clothes?”


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Busy bee
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My fiance always takes his socks off when he’s watching TV and he likes to leave them on the floor on the living room! It drives me nuts!

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Helper bee
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I have a few.. lol…

1. Socks… don’t leave them EVERYWHERE… my son has now started this.

2. when I ask you to do something… do it now.. close the lap top on which you are trolling 4chan and do it NOW!! If you are doing work/homework I’m fine with later… but if you are on facebook or 4chan… I should come first. 

3. If we are watching TV or a Movie… don’t start watching sports clips/you tube on the laptop with the volume cranked…  



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Sugar bee
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My nag has to do with his WoW account, I hate video/computer games so when my SO plays them they can start taking over his life so much so that I despise them even more.

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Buzzing bee
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SO leaves his clothes in a pile on the floor on his side of the bed – is it so hard to put them in the laundry basket out of your way? Then you won’t have to fall over them when getting up in the middle of the night…

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Honey bee
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Smokingggggggggggggg  I want him to stoppp itttt

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Busy bee
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@JoJo Bananas: My guy’s a piler too.

Also, he’s supposed to take out the trash, but I always have to tell him when to take out which trash bags or else they’ll just overflow.

Those are the two most frequent, I’d say. But if I mention it, he’s usually pretty good about taking care of it… within 3 days… haha

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Sugar bee
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God, me too!!

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Sugar bee
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He can’t be wrong. Ever. Not even a bit. Even when faced with hard facts.

My favourite was when he decided to argue that nut allergies don’t really exist…and kept arguing it even when my sister (a doctor) and his best mate (a nut allergy sufferer) both gave him multiple reasons why it is in fact a life threatening problem.

Oh, and he thinks he does half the housework. He hasn’t personally met with the hoover in over a year.

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Worker bee
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Stop leaving piles of laundry in random places  (like under the bed) and then complaining when you don’t have clean stuff. If you hide dirty clothes the magical laundry fairy won’t wash them!

When I’m in the kitchen trying to wash up the dishes, produce something for dinner and clean up at the same time get up off your ass and HELP without me having to ask you!

Stop leaving piles of bills in secret places that I don’t know about!

*phew* that feels better!

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Sugar bee
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Yes, I’m yelling!  Usually over the noise of some metal thing being beaten to death and destroyed. 

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