(Closed) Your Opinion: Is 25 too young to be getting married?

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  • poll: Is 25/26 too young to get married?

    Yes, much too young. You can't make an informed decision.

    No, 25 is perfectly okay. You have a pretty good understanding of who you are by then.

    It depends on the couple and the relationship.

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    I think it is too bad that our society has decided that the twenties are to be an extended adolescence. 25 is fine. 

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    No it’s not

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    Well i sure hope it’s not because I’ll be 25 on my wedding day. 


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    I think it depends very much on the individuals in the relationship and other various factors.

    I grew up in a small, very religious town. The majority of my friends got married before 25. Some of them seemed absolutly ready for it and have been happily married (some now with kids) for a few years. Others I raised an eyebrow at and I have quite a few friends/aquiantances who are already divorced and a few who are even on marriage #2 before 25. They all also got married after only knowing thier SOs for a few months though so that also factors into things.

    I got engaged at 25 and married at 26. While I feel 100% secure in my marriage and have absolutly no doubts, I do feel like it was young to get married! But we’d been together for 7 years when we got engaged (8 when we got married), both had bachelor’s degrees, I have a masters, he was accepted into  PhD program, we have jobs, we support ourselves. We’d done some traveling. We had fun, wild (for us, we aren’t super wild people!) years. We didn’t live together before getting engaged but moved in together after the engagement. I absolutly felt ready even though I felt young.

    Basically, I think there are just too many factors to say a definite yes or no. Some people are ready, some people aren’t. 

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    Honestly I think it’s more about when you get together. It’s much harder to grow into your own person when you’ve got another person to accommodate in your life. Who cares if you’re married or just in an extremely committed relationship- you’ll both have a huge influence on each other and who you become as an adult.

    My fiancé and I started dating when I was 19 and he was 26. Admittedly, very young to start a serious relationship and if I were to give advice to another 19yo I’d say it’s too young, but obviously there are exceptions to every rule and I didn’t follow my own advice. I did move out on my own to another state when I was barely 17, and have always been an “old soul” and very independent. But some of my friends got together with their men that young and really had no idea who they were outside of being their parent’s daughters, and to me it shows in that now they have very different interests, hobbies, and viewpoints from when they first started dating.

    I made it a huge priority in our relationship to do my “own things” and follow my passions. Particularly because he was older and had already lived through certain life events, sometimes that meant fighting to not take his advice because I wanted to try things my way. I certainly never gave up an opportunity for the sake of “us”. But it would have been easier if we could have met each other after I graduated college. 

    I also think that there’s a huge difference between getting married in your early twenties after a brief fling, and being with someone for 5 years and living together for a long stretch of that. I think if you can make it 2 years living with someone and still be excited for the wedding, you’ve got a pretty good shot at making marriage work. 

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    yourhandinmine :  Before 25, too young. 25+ totally fine. Especially for women. Men… 25+is okay for some.. 30+ is better for others.. men emotionaly mature slower..

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    For me and my life, 25 would have been far too young. 

    For others and their lives, up to them. Some are ready for such a commitment, others not. 

    Judging strangers is simply rude. Supporting friends or having concerns when you know the situation is another thing.

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    I’ll be 23 when I get married so I’m going to go with no. I’ve known people in their 30s that got married and then quickly divorced. It all depends on the people involved in the relationship. I know marriage isn’t always easy but I feel pretty secure in my relationship to know that it will last as long as the two people put in the effort 

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    Totally depends on the couple. A couple could be ready at 21. Some may be ready much later. But honestly saying 25 and 26 (!) year olds are “way” to young is just ridiculous. I know we are in the age of extended adolescence but come on. 

    People are so judgemental about the weirdest things, and you just can’t win especially as a women. It’s like if you marry before 27 you are crazy/stupid, if you are 28 and not married you are a dried up old crone. I mean really, it’s ridiculous. 

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    Well I’ll be 27 and my fiancé will be 25 when we get married so I sure hope not! It works for us and I don’t care what anyone else thinks. 

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    I got married my first time at 23. It was far too young for me. Things ended when I was 29. We just weren’t the same people as we used to be. I also know people who got together in middle school, got married right after high school and are still together. 

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