(Closed) Your Opinion: Is 25 too young to be getting married?

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  • poll: Is 25/26 too young to get married?
    Yes, much too young. You can't make an informed decision. : (21 votes)
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    No, 25 is perfectly okay. You have a pretty good understanding of who you are by then. : (110 votes)
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    It depends on the couple and the relationship. : (219 votes)
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    It’s less so about the exact age and more so about where you are in life financially and emotionally. If you both are done with college and have jobs, have been together a few years, then it’s the perfect time to get married!

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    As a GENERAL rule I’d say it’s pretty young, but there are always exceptions to the rule. For me and most people I know it is way too young. I personally think it’s smart to have multiple long term relationships before settling down and that 25 is young to know what you want from a partner long term – especially if they’re the only person you’ve been with. however I don’t think that’s a rule straight across the board. It depends on the couple as well as where they’re at in life. People get to that ‘settled’ stage of life at different paces. Basically I’d say it seems more risky and more often than not isn’t the best idea. But that doesn’t mean that is always the case by any means. 

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    I was 22 when I was married and people thought I was absolutely insane. I’m almost 27 and still married! Yes, life has been challenging at times but I met my husband when I was 19 and we worked together to build an adult life together and I appreicate that more than ever. I think it is different for everyone though and can only be decided upon by each individual couple if it is too young. 

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    What? I would have never thought 25 was too young. I’ll be getting married 6 days before I turn 25 (so I guess I’ll be 24, but I’m pretty much 25) and not once have I ever thought it was young. Every couple is different.

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    For me, 25 would have been too young, as I was an extreme introvert in my early 20s and had just started dating around that time. For my mom, who got married and had me before she was 22, it worked out. Depends on the person.

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    I don’t think 25 is too young, but I do think 25 is still very young to get married. 

    I don’t know anyone who would have been ready at 25. 

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    I got married at 25, after 3.5 years of dating and we were already living together.  I think getting married after dating 6 months vs a few years would be a factor at any age – to me you need time to really get to know someone. You guys have been dating/living together long enough to know if you can grow together vs apart as a couple with age

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    yourhandinmine : It’s entirely your decision and no one else’s business. I got married at 22 and I have absolutely no regrets. You know your relationship better than anyone else and if you feel comfortable and ready to take that step, that’s amazing! At the end of the day, it’s you and him so don’t worry about others 🙂

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    I got married at 25, turning 26. DH is two years older. We had been together 6 years, graduated, travelled, built careers, lived together for 2 years and owned our own home.

    Looking back 25 ‘sounds’ young, but  I don’t think it’s about age but the stage you are at in life 

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    Agree with the others who have said it is totally dependent on the individuals in the relationship and the couple as a whole. At 25 you are still young and have a lot of growing to do but you can grow together or grow apart and that’s why the dynamics of each individual relationship are so important as well as where each person is in their own life.  

    I got married at 23. We’ll be married for 6 years this year. We have already been through a lot – multiple cross country moves (and I mean from coast to coast!), year long separations, periods where we are not even able to talk or email for weeks at a time. But we are stronger than ever and I don’t think if we had waited to get married “older” it would have made a difference to our relationship. 

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    yourhandinmine :  I think it is very much dependent on the couple (or even on the individual), I know a couple that got married in their early twenties and have had a lot of issues because they felt (or he felt) pressured into it.  He ended up not getting a higher education and feels like he has missed out on all of it experiences, so in their case I think they should have waited.  That being said, they are still together and trying to work things out.

    I´ve been with my SO since I was 15 and he was 19/20 (sounds like a big age difference, but it wasn´t an issue), we got married when I was 21 and he was 25, we´ve been married for almost 3 years and we´ve been together for almost 9 years.  I am completely in love with him and we´ve been in a healthy, loving, trusting and faithful relationship for a long time, despite starting out at a very young age, we´ve never had any breaks or break-ups (we´ve never needed to).  We´re both very self-aware of our identites and have gone on to do the things we´ve wanted (higher education, jobs etc) so we don´t resent each other for missed opportunities or holding us back because it is quite the opposite, we´ve held each other up when everything seemed to be crashing down.

    Career-wise, when we met he was in University and when he graduated I helped him in the process of finding a job, which he did (one he still loves to this day).  I will hopefully be starting my PhD  this September and am pretty certain of my career path. We also bought a house before getting married so instead of holding each other back, we´ve made our plans priorities. However, I think we all evolve and change, and I have in the last 9 years but I knew who I was then (and what I wanted) and I know who I am now.  Some people won´t know that at 25, others won´t at 35 and some do at a young age. 

    Personally, I don´t see 25 as being an extremely young age to get married, by that time most people in higher education have completed their degrees and are working (or doing a masters etc).  However, it is too young for some people and they might not feel ready which I think is the most important part, to be self-aware.  Some people aren´t ready at 35 and get married to go through the motions; it depends on the relationship you´re in and if marriage is what you really want.

    If you´re in a happy and healthy relationship, you are both adults, can care for yourselves and are sure that marriage is something you want; then I think any age can be appropriate whether it is 20 or 50. 

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