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    @MadameX:  It’s messy… but only when you take it out. And if you’re uncomfortable with that, a trick is to get a bunch of throw away plastic gloves (like doctor’s) and use those when you take it out – then turn it inside out over the cup to contain the mess. No touching of blood! Easy!

    And yes, you can have relatively clean sex with it in. My Fiance could not feel it, and neither could I. It was a tiny bit messy, but really nothing compared to cup-less period sex. We didn’t need a towel or anything.

    Try them! You can get them on Amazon, or else give Target or Walgreens a shot. It takes a little practice to get them in right, but once you get the hang of it, it’s lovely.

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    @Twyla_Smith:  Well I started with pads cause my mom had always used them (in fact she used two at a time and thank god I don’t have her issues), then in highschool I started using tampons. And I was good until my 3rd child. They didn’t seem to fit the same so I switched to a different brand, then a different size. By the 4th kid they just wouldn’t stay up there anymore. It’s like I would put it in, tug on the string, seemed to be up there nicely, but an hour later I’d feel uncomfortable, go to the bathroom and it would be coming out. I honestly don’t know what happened. Sex feels the same, tampon went in the same, I don’t think anything is bigger than normal down there…they just refuse to stay up. So back to pads I went.

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    I like Kotex tampons. Easy peasy to me. I can’t stand pads. All I can think about is my vagina blood sitting in my panties. Lol. 

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    Pads. As a teen I hated them and always wore tampons. But I started getting chronic yeast infections due to diabetes–Thus I started wearing pads. I just never switched back. 

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    I switched over to the Diva Cup several periods ago and haven’t used a tampon or pad ever since.  I can’t imagine going back.  My periods are heavy so I have to wash them a little more often than suggested for the first 1-2 days but I don’t feel like I’m on my period at all other than that. That’s especially important since I go to the gym often and no longer have to worry about things slipping, sliding and leaking.  I can also go to bed with piece of mind that I won’t ruin my 400tc sheets (which have while wearing a super tampon and pad)! 

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    Tampons and pads together. I’m intrigued by the cup though. I have super heavy periods so it might be good to try but it intimidates me!

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    Tampons! I hate pads. They feel like diapers, are uncomfortable, and they stink! Ugh. I seriously can smell when people are wearing pads. It’s a nasty/musty and sweet smell that makes me want to vomit. Maybe it’s my over sensitive nose but I can’t stand the smell that pads get. Even with the “fresh” scents.

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    I used to used tampons.. but since being off of birth control I cant handle a tampon with my endometriosis… the pain is unbearable. Ive also had 3 miscarriages and can only wear pads while Im miscarrying.. so Ive gotten used to pads. I change my pad every couple hours … I never let it fill up or even get close to filling up. 

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    I hate periods and all the ickiness that they bring. I’ve been on Lybrel birth control for six years and haven’t had a period since. I’m a HUGE fan! I tell people this BC is helping to bridge the gender gap, lol!

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    @PinkMermaid:  Actually not all pads are scented, those people that have them chose to buy them that way… but I feel you cause I have bad allergies to scented stuff. I do use pads on rare occasion but always buy the unscented ones and they smell like… nothing… a cotton ball maybe.  It’s like my unscented fragrance free laundry soap … when the clothes come out they smell like cotton cause that’s what they are.  It always cracks me up when I see this one brand that has “freshly laundered scent” (forget what brand)… so they smell like clothes?  Nope, they smell like chemicals.  Guy I dated years ago used it.  Sneezing I asked what laundry detergent he used, he showed me.  I was laughing and sneezing, it was comical, but he was cool and made me go shopping and pick safe stuff for him to use for everything he could think of in his house.

    On topic:

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    @mepayne:  This. Playtex Sport.  My mom got some free at some (obviously weird) resort demo free weekend thing.  Being my mom she took 10 packs of 3, you know having had all her girl parts removed and cause she’s a pack rat.  But she gave them to me.  They were AWESOME… I used to be a devoted Tampax girl and still use them if I need some and can’t find these.  None of the Tampax compared to these. 

    Each pack came with a soon expiring coupon so I tried to share them at work, I was so impressed with them, the women acted like I was crazy “I like Tampax! Only!”, “I only use Kotex”, etc.  I never realized how brand loyal women are, cause if something was free or cheap (and not no name and sketchy looking) I’d try it, maybe only when I knew I’d be home in case, but kept going back to Tampax till I found Playtex Sport.

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    I use Playtex Sport as well.  I am not a Tampax fan.


    I use tampons and pads the first two days, then just use pads.  I’ve been thinking of switching to cloth pads.  I’ve heard great things about them.  


    I don’t use scented products,  period.  I did ONCE and it did not end well at all.  They irritated things that should never be irritated.

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    I don’t have periods because I use a nexaplon implant. However, when I used to have them then I used either tampons or the cup. The cup is really easy to use, actually, and much better for the environment. There’s a lot of bleach in tampons.

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    Brand loyal to original tampax with the cardboard applicator. No subbing the target brand ever! I use in conjunction with always infinity pads on my heaviest days. Hate the feeling of just a pad tho- the blood coming out! Yuck. 


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    OB Tampons & Cups. If my friends are over and need a product, they always freak out and ask me why I don’t have normal period products lol

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    Too chicken to try the cup. Seems messy and wrong to me (but it’s probably just some pre-conceived idea).

    *MORE TMI* I used to use pads til after high school, then swapped to tampons (um, after the V-card was taken, I could finally fit them). I stick with the Playtex Sport but I’ll use the Tampax Pearl if needed. Yes, it can get messy, but that’s what hand-washing is for. 😉


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