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    Haven’t had a period for a while (medically induced) but when I did, it all was dependent on how heavy things were. Typically I double dutched it, so I would do a cup or tampon with a pantiliner or light days pad just in case.

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    I use a DivaCup and/or a cloth pad. I looooooooove the DivaCup and can’t imagine using anything else!!

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    I switched from tampons to the Diva Cup four years ago and have never looked back!

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    @Twyla_Smith:  I personally find pads to be quite disgusting and the only time I have EVER used one was when the hospital made me after I had my daughter. Praise the lord I only bled for a day because it was unbearable..

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    I’ve used a Diva Cup for about ten years!

    10 years free from wearing a teensy diaper or having a stick of cotton stuck up there!

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    The first weekend I got my period when I was 13, my Mum forced me to try tampons as they’re ‘better’ then pads.

    Considering I was a virgin who hadn’t even masturbated at that point and I was already traumatised having gotten my period and then had to listen to my mother ring her two best friends, my auntie and her friend who was babysitting us that night so she could tell them that she was so excited her eldest daughter had finally become a woman and on mother’s day too, how lovely, I was uncomfortable enough without being forced to stick a foreign object up my vagina.

    Yes, I’m a little bitter about the while situation.

    Needless to say if I ever have a daughter her first period will be something that is up to her to inform others of and she can use which ever form or ‘period protection’ she feels comfortable with.

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    I’m a pads kinda gal. I’m not bothered about the brand, just as long as it does the job. I am going to try Always infinity though, I’ve heard good things. 

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    I’m glad to see cup opitons gaining in popularity!  When i started usign one it felt like no one had ever heard of them 😀

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    I haven’t found any pads/tampons I like since I moved from the UK to Australia. Most of the tampons here don’t come with applicators so I can’t work them or the applicator ones are twice the price of back home and all the pads feel so thick. Whenever I go visit the UK I come back with a suitcase full of pads and tampons….I’m terrified one day I will get stopped by customs and end up on one of those border protection shows as the crazy tampon lady! Going to try a cup though when I get back because hopefully that will solve my problems.

    Can I ask any of the ladies who use one…does it still work at the gym and swimming?

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    @Twyla_Smith:  I haven’t had a period for over 3 years, so thankfully, they’re a distant memory these days lol.

    When I did have periods, I used mini tampons, changing every 7 hours, or panty-liners, for the last few years I was on the pill, as my flow was very very light. When I first went on the pill, I used regular tampons, changing every 4 hours.

    Pre-pill, my periods were horrendous. I used super tampons along with night-time sanitary towels, and both had to be changed every hour; even then, I would often have leaked through, and had to bring spare knickers to school the days I was actually well enough to go in.

    Needless to say, I am thankful that I’ve only had 2 natural periods in the last 11 years, and now I’m on Cerazette, there’s no going back.

    However, I probably wouldn’t use a cup for a natural period as I’d feel it was less safe for my flow than doubling-up; I wouldn’t fancy changing it every hour, what with the mess involved (way Too Much Information, but I pass a lot of clots, and I’m very squeamish; I would NOT do well rinsing them out of a cup lol). I also experience vaginal pain during my period, and the place the cup sits is the exact worst place in terms of pain; so, putting it in and taking it out would be very very painful (using tampons is bad enough). I would not rule out using one in general though, eg if I went back on the combined pill, as I like that they’re more environmentally friendly.

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    DIVA CUP! will never go back! i accidentally dropped it in the toilet in the middle of my period and had to use tampons for the next couple days, and i was seriously miserable. bought another cup ASAP. (other people wash their cups and use them again, but i flush my cat’s litter and had just done that before i went to the bathroom and was just not able to get over it lol)

    i had a couple leaks at first, but got the hang of it pretty quickly. it’s all about checking to make sure the cup is fully open under your cervix, and since your cervix position changes during your period you have to be a little careful at first because if it isn’t open under it, you’re going to have terrible leaks lol. i’ve used mine for the last 2.5 years and only had those first leaks. i don’t find it really gross at all. i pull it out, empty it into the toilet, wash it out if possible or just wipe it with toilet paper, and then put it back in. my fingers never even really get bloody. it’s so much better when i’m on vacation or staying with friends and don’t have to find a place to throw away tampons/pads. plus there’s NO SMELL AT ALL and i stay soo much cleaner than using pads. like i think my Fiance could go down on me during my period with the cup in and he wouldn’t even know anything was up.

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