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@mandb122: I’m not pregnant (yetttt) but my mom’s pregnancies were heaven sent. Let’s hope i’m just as lucky. She had 3 kids….all natural and none of the labors were longer than 4 hours. She did tear though…which im terrifed of….and she was also late with all of us. My older brother came 10 days late….the rest of us were a week late. So, that stinks but maybe our lateness explains the super fast deliveries? I mean literally from contractions at home to birth=4 hours or less. I am crossing my fingers for some of that speedy power:))


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I am not sure yet, but I would love the same thing!  My mom had three children completely natural without any medication or complications.  I hope there is a correlation!  She was also very fertile, had 4 children- even though she was told she never would have any.

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I’m pregnant now and so far things don’t seem to be too similar to my Mom. She was really sick until her 20th weeks with both her pregnancies. I was lucky enough to start feeling better around week 14 and felt normal by week 15. She gained a lot of weight quickly and so far for me I’m hovering around 3lbs at 16.5 weeks.

I’m kind of disappointed with where this trend is going. She had two natural labors, both were <7hrs and she only tore with her first. There’s not a lot I wouldn’t do to have a similar L&D experience.

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I have no idea. In my mom’s mind the stork dropped me off one day, say no more.

I do know she craved oranges and M&Ms with me, that’s literally all I know.

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IT’s interesting to me that both of my grandmothers immediately wanted to tell me lots of details about their pregnancies, but my Mom hasn’t said anything. 🙂

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I’ve never been pregnant and we’re not TTC, but my mom had three kids – all came 5 weeks early, all totally natural deliveries (with the exception of pitocin on the third), all born healthy, biggest baby was 6 pounds 2 ounces. The first two were super fast labors (both delivered before the doctor even made it to the hospital – one by a nurse and one by an intern), and she was induced for the third (but only pushed for about 30 minutes). No tearing or anything. 

I would be ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to have deliveries like hers (and pregnancies that only go 35 weeks!).

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Mine wasn’t very similar.  I had morning sickness, but my mom had no morning sickness for any of her pregnancies.  I’m my mom’s first child, and I was over a week late, and her labor lasted about 13 hours.  My baby came half a week early, and my labor lasted much longer.

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My mom had no morning sickness with me or my brother.. I had no morning sickness with my kiddo.

I was born a month early and I had my kiddo 7 weeks early.

My pregnancy was very similar to my mom’s with me and my brother.

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My mom had intense morning sickness all day every day throughout the entire pregnancy. I never threw up at all. Although we both had bitter taste in our mouths throughout and just like me her bump was always small, but the babies were quite large. Hopefully I will have an easier delivery than she had

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I don’t know about my mom because she has a tendency to lie, but I talked to both my grandmothers about their births. They had the twilight birth for all of their babies where they put the mom out and she wakes up being told she’s given birth and here’s her baby. Mine was completely opposite from that because I went all natural with Wombat.

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My mom craved cherries and all things salty with me. She wasn’t supposed to have salt, but she snuck chips at work and passed out. From what I know, I was due on March 20, and she went into labor on February 14 (My parents’ one year anniversary). They stopped it, but she went back into labor on February 19. I was born that night with the cord wrapped around my neck, and she almost bled to death and had a partial hysterectomy a short time later.

My Dad insists to this day that the doctors had my due date wrong, and I should have come on February 14. So either they were wrong, or I was a month early.

In short… Do I want my future pregnancy to be like hers? Hell no.

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I hope not… my mom was in labor for over 30 hours before having to do an emergency C-section.

At least I was a small baby at 6lbs. Darling Husband and my SIL were both 10lbs.

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My mom and I have had really similar pregnancies because I inherited a genetic disease from her called hyperemesis gravidarum.  that, though, she had a few extra complications I didn’t have to deal with (thankfully) like having an incomplete cervix/needing cerclages and early labor.

Her births were all super fast (varying from 6 to 3 hours) and she had really easy recoveries with all of us.  I also had a relatively fast birth (about 8 hours) and a very fast, easy recovery, so in that aspect, we were a lot more alike.

ETA:  Oh, all of us were relatively small babies, too, and I had a smaller baby, as well.  My daughter was bigger at birth than me or any of my sisters were, but I attribute that to the fact that I didn’t have pre-term labor, like my mom did.

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My pregnancy & labor was very different from my mother’s pregnancies & childbirth experiences. My sister’s pregnancy was similar to my mom’s, but her labor/delivery was quite different from my mom’s experiences.

Mom: longest labor was 12 hrs from 1st contraction (and that was predictably her 1st– the others were even shorter), babies always out within just a few pushes, GD with baby #1 but no complications with other pregnancies, meconium in amniotic fluid and distressed baby #3 but still had that baby (like the others) intervention free. Minimal tearing. Labor always began with contractions that gradually came closer together.

Me: Pre-term labor & bed rest for 7 wks, labor started with contractions only 3 minutes apart & stayed there for next 25-ish hours (37 hours of labor total), I had an epidural,there was meconium in baby’s amniotic fluid, 2.5/3 hrs of pushing (can’t remember) with 5 hrs spent at 10cm & almost zero progress, and I couldn’t get baby out after pushing with baby in distress for 1.5 hr = emergency c-section. 

My sister’s pregnancy was pretty similar to my mom’s, but her labor/delivery was very different from mom’s. 

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