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Plenty of these. Some of our conversations probably would make no sense to anyone else. Like some other bees, we hardly ever use one another’s names. I use his name if talking about him or if I am very upset with him (it’s happened about once or twice – he apparently gets upset with me more). We call each other other things, from “my cucumber soup” to “my love”.

If one of us is naked, the other will invariably point this out (usually by physically pointing at the other person and crying “you’re naked!”).

We have imaginary pets. A whole slew of them. Who knows why, they’ve just sort of appeared and stuck around.

Oh, and we don’t meow, we bark. Woof? Woof woof! Bizarre, really.


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Like many, we don’t use each others names unless we’re mad or if there are a lot of people standing around and I need to get his attention. One of his favorite terms of endearment for me is “boobie”. He went on a work trip to Romania for two weeks and told me that that was their form of “baby”.  We’ve gotten so used to it I don’t think anything about it except when he’ll say it in public and people are wondering why in the world he keeps saying boobie.

Also, I’ll get bored at work and ask him to text me a story. His stories are always some sort of variation involving a king/queen, prince/princess and they always rhyme. 

He pulls a kiddie pout if I snap at him unintentionally or don’t kiss him immediately when I walk in the door and I have to console him back to his adult male self. haha

He hates feet and hates having his feet touched by anyone else but he loves it when I give him a pedicure.

He makes the bed (much more often than I do anyway), and I’ll run and jump on it and bounce around enough to rumple the sheets and run away giggling. 

Neither of us are really sappy, affectionate people to others. But when it’s just the two of us, it gets really ridculous.  I would totally roll my eyes if I were an outsider looking in and saw some of the cheesy things we say/do in private.  It’s very sweet and endearing though. Just don’t tell anyone! shhhh…..

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umm my SO farts in my general direction and I laugh and laugh. does that count? hahaha

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@MexiPino:  we try to quantify our love too. We frequently use “shopping carts full”, “oodles of noodles”, “oodles of poodles with noodles”, and combinations of shopping carts and words ending in oodle. I can’t even remeber how this started…


Also, when I can’t fall asleep, I make him tell me stories about things we have done. Then I interrupt him and tell him how everything really happened.


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@MammaPants:  Oooo I love making him tell you stories about things you’ve done together! Now that we live together it feels like sometimes we run out of things to talk about, so I’ll ask him to tell me something about him that I don’t know, or I’ll pick an age and ask for a story about that time. Stories about US is a fun change of pace too!

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@MexiPino:  My husband doesn’t remember things the way I do, so it is also neat to hear the stories from his perspective. I love hearing about how nervous he was while we were dating, or the day our daughter was born. His side of those stories is awesome!

We also eat dinner at the table and use that time to ask each other what the best part of our day was. The conversation usually outlasts dinner!


We got rid of our TV recently to focus more on our time together, and its really gotten us talking and learning new things about each other. Five years together and he just learned I can train whistle with my hands last night! Lol. 

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Ok wow! Good to know we are not abnormal. 1. Own language that others wouldn’t get or may think juvenile. 2. Completely inappropriate sexually/comically ( like I’m on the phone w someone and he will pull down pants and shake by my face)etc…random and hilarious- Lol.we so need to learn to stop if kids are in our future.  3. Make conversations into songs/speak in strange accents. It goes on and all this of course makes life with him fun and def unique from other bonds! Good times:)

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He gives me ’tisses’ and ‘tuddles’ instead of kisses and cuddles. One of us will say to each other in a sad voice “you don’t love me” and the other says nope, so we have to find the other (always hiding under a blanket). There’s so much more. He’s so cute.

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Sooooo uhmmmm……………….we dry hump each other from behind. Like in a jokey way. I try to anyway, I’m a foot shorter than him so I kinda have to angle my hips way upand even then I kinda just hump his legs.

He always does it when I’m at the sink or cooking or something, lol.

Oh and we attack each others butts in public.

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