(Closed) Your Ring Now VS The Ring You Replaced, Upgraded, Lost, Reworked etc

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  • poll: Do you still primarily wear your original engagement ring?


    Yes, but it's been upgraded.

    No, I got a different ring because my original wasn't my style/what I really wanted.

    No, I got a new ring because it was time for a change.

    No, my original ering was lost or stolen.

    No, my original ering had issues (stones coming loose etc).

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    Ugh…major user error here!  

    My original ring—marquise in big yellow gold setting which I helped pick out (!!!) and reset several times since.  My husband surprised me at our 10th anniversary vow renewal with the the past, present, future ring which I love and it means the world to me.  After 20 years, I finally told my husband that the marquise just wasn’t me and we traded it in / upgraded to the 7-stone ring!!!   

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    This was my original engagement ring. I saw it in a gem shop (CZ set in sterling silver) and loved it. Unfortunately, it was misplaced and I never found it again.

    This was my original wedding set, ruby, CZ and pearls set in black rhodium plated sterling silver. I loved this because it matched my husband’s ring and the design was unique.  Unfortunately, the plating on my ring wore off and I could not buy a replacement (it sold out) and the jewelers I went to wouldn’t re-plate in black rhodium because they said it would cost more than the monetary value of the ring. So it was replaced with… 

    A band and e-ring from Swarovski. It wasn’t my favorite and turned my finger green. So my husband let me pick this time. 

    We found a winner! Surprisingly enough I found it on Amazon and loved it! CZ and sterling silver. I baby it…wash it with an old electric toothbrush and Dawn soap once a week to keep it sparkly, but it’s perfect for me. I get a ton of compliments and inspired a couple of coworkers to change out their ring sets for something a little more “them.” My husband is just happy I settled on a setting and said he will find an exact replica in a little more of a “forever” setting (white gold). 

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    Here is my old and new rings. We remodelled after 16 years of marriage with the same center diamonds and others that were sitting in my jewellery box not being worn and added three halos and designed a new wedding band so it would sit flush with my engagement ring. I went from yellow to white gold and love my new set. 

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    My first ring – 7x5mm moissanite pear. 14k Rose Gold.



    I had alot of issues with the melee falling out. Ultimately my ring was damaged during repair and had to be replaced through my insurance. My new ring: 9.2mm x 5.7mm diamond set in 18k Rose Gold (for reference, my diamond is an L/VS1).


    Working with my insurance to get my original ring back so I can wear it on a chian around my neck so hopefully, at some point I will be wearing both 🙂 

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    I love that this thread was resurrected! It’s been so fun to look through all the pages of beautiful ring changes and, especially, to read everyone’s stories. My journey has been a long and winding one, so I am about to write a novella. (be afraid! o.o)

    This is my original engagement ring, in its original state. It’s a 5-stone with a round center stone and a combination of baguettes and rounds in the setting. Set in 18K yellow gold. I don’t remember all the specs of my center stone, but I think it’s somewhere in the .50ct range, like .50-.53. And I think it is G or H in color.

    Honestly, I never LOVED my ring. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate it or anything like that. I just never fell head over heels for it. My husband and I picked the center stone together, and we shopped for the setting together, too. But he is the one who chose the setting and stone shape. I went into the whole ring shopping experience wanting a heart-shaped solitaire set in a white metal. Hubs liked a setting with “more stuff” on it. And he wanted a round stone because he felt it was more durable. He was okay with a white metal, but we got engaged ages ago (1992). Yellow gold was King at that time, and no one carried white gold settings. This was before online shopping, so we were limited to brick and mortar stores. We purchased our stone and setting separately from a reputable diamond wholesaler in our state, although we ended up traveling about 3 hours to meet with them.

    We were engaged for 6 years. And I wore my ring proudly all that time. In fact, I seldom took it off. I did all the things you’re not supposed to do in rings: washed dishes, slept with it on, rode horses … and so on. I was a bad ring mama — ha, ha! It held up remarkably well.

    This is my original wedding band. It is 18K yellow and white gold: white on the inside and yellow on the outside edges. When we got married, I wanted to get the matching band for my engagement ring. But hubby and I were paying for our own wedding, and we decided we couldn’t afford the expense of a band with stones on it. It never occurred to me to get a plain yellow gold band to pair with my engagement ring. When we got married (1998), having a mismatched set was not common. In fact, I don’t think I had ever seen one in person at that point in time. So my husband chose this band for me, and I wore it for the first 4 or 5 years of our marriage, until I got pregnant and was nearly at the end of my pregnancy.

    After pregnancy, my body went a little crazy with hormonal issues. I ended up unable to wear my original band for a long time. I also struggled with depression for many years, and really didn’t care about much of anything. It wasn’t the best time in my life. For around 10 or 12 years, I wore a variety of silver bands. Or I didn’t wear any ring at all.

    This is the ring my husband gave me for our 16th (I think? Or maybe 15th) anniversary. It has a round center stone that is .90ct and either D or E color. And I think it’s an SI1. It is set in a platinum and diamond setting. Originally, my husband was going to get a sapphire and diamond band for me. We went through a local, family-owned jeweler to find the size and color sapphires he wanted. In the meantime, I fell in love with this setting in the jeweler’s case. I could not stop thinking about it, and I had to try it on every time we were in the store. My husband surprised me with it instead of the diamond and sapphire band.

    Then, for the Christmas right after he gifted the anniversary ring to me, my husband picked out this band to go with it. It is also set in platinum, and it has diamonds flush-set around the band. I still like wearing these together. But, over the years since I received this ring, I have also added new bands, which I now mix and match and change up whenever the mood strikes.

    Somewhere in the midst of all this, I started becoming more and more enamored with colored gemstones. So my husband gifted me with my London Blue Topaz solitaire. It’s a custom ring, so I worked out the design and picked the stone. But I still consider it a gift from my husband, because I would not have gotten it otherwise. It is around a 2 to 2.4 ct equivalent London Blue Topaz set in 14K rose gold. This was not for an anniversary or anything like that. It was a gift to celebrate meeting a certain personal life goal.

    Even though this one is the band and not an “engagement ring” type of ring, I feel it has to go into my story because it is the only other sentimental band I have. My husband gave me this band for the first Valentine’s Day after his heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. It is diamond and sapphire. I love it with my anniversary ring and with my engagement ring.

    For our 18th (I think? I really should keep better track of this stuff — LOL) anniversary, I had the baguettes removed from my engagement ring. And I replaced them with blue sapphires. I never liked my baguettes. I always thought they looked dirty, no matter how much I cleaned them. I LOVE this reset! It is a slight change, but I feel like it makes my ring look like a completely different and new ring. And this has encouraged me to pull my original ring out to wear more and more. I particularly love wearing it in the warmer months, when I don’t like the feel of a heavier ring on my hand. It also looks pretty great with my sapphire and diamond band now!

    And, finally, for our 20th anniversary, my husband gifted me with the chance to go completely crazy and design a custom ring. The center stone is a spinel, and the setting is 14K rose gold. It’s not a design that would appeal to most people, I know. It is a heavy ring with a lot of metal work. I have come to realize these are both things I love in a ring. And it incoporates several sentimental design elements: the stone echoes the purple of the amethyst in the promise ring my husband gave me when we were first dating … dragons were a big motif in our wedding … roses are my favorite flower and were what I carried in my bouquet, plus my husband gives me roses every year for our anniversary.


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    My original set, which after a few years I thought was too delicate for every day wear. The trillions kept getting loose and one actually fell out, and I broke one of my pave diamonds in half.

    Original stone reset in rose gold bezel comfort fit setting:

    And my original setting with a blue lab sapphire that I still wear when I’m feeling fancy. I had the trillions reset so they’re more secure but the one pave is still broken. Waiting for that to fall out before replacing it. I don’t even really notice it because it’s on the side.

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    I have had many many diamonds and setting over the years. I was blessed (or cursed lol) to have found a local jeweler who would allow me trade in, or across or up and only come out of pocket a couple hundred dollars, which is what I would do for a big birthday or anniversary and get a new fun look. I did totally derail for a couple of years and really made some crazy “mistakes” but I am back to reality and on tack lol. My very first ring was from Kay’s at our local mall. I loved it, but it continuously lost stones, it was in the shop more than it was on my finger, so I returned it and found a very classic channel set from Zales, with a center stone that I couldn’t even tell you the specs. I am not even sure there were any other than I think it was .50-.75 carat center (?) and colorless but probably an I1 or I2 Who knows. I found out the diamond was cracked about a year after having it. Around that time my mom had discovered our jeweler one day on a whim she had walked in and my mom had a really wonderful experience with him. When I found out my stone was cracked, she took me to meet our jeweler and he extended such a wonderful deal to me and since then I have exclusively gone to him along with all of my (ours) family and friends. I wont post pictures of all my rings in between, Ill just post the first ring from Zales that had the cracked diamond and my current ring. 🙂 And to clarify I only have the one ring I have now. Anytime I traded over/up I would trade in my setting and stone or use current stone in new setting, meaning I have always just had one ring I didn’t keep the first one I have always traded in as credit. (hope that all makes sense lol) 

    Zales ring

    Current ring. 1.07 carat, H color, SI2, Very Good cut. Setting .50 carats staggered double row. Two very different rings, but I feel like my taste is still the same in a lot of ways. I like simple/plain straight edges and uniformity/symmetry. I hope we see more “before and afters” 🙂  

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    beebee147 :  That’s gorgeous! What a lovely diamond. It’s miles better than the moissy pear. I just don’t think that moissy is good for the fancy shapes. It’s strange because for old cuts it’s perfection.

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      We just recently upgraded/traded in my 1/2 ct solitaire to a 1 ct tw Double  halo Neil Lane. Pictures do not do either of the rings justice the solitaire had so much sparkle for the size. It doesn’t compare to the new one though it sparkles like crazy 

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    My original e-ring setting. It was really high, I didn’t love the prongs- they were globby and the overall craftsmanship was lacking. I wore it this way (or didn’t wear it as I often just wore a stack of bands) for 13 years.


    I had the setting totally re done by David Klass this past summer. 6 claw prongs, all of the original stones (center stone is an antique stone from my husband’s grandmother) and I did have 4 very tiny stones added in the gallery. 


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