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Blushing bee
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Age & Skin Condition: 27 my skin is pretty average, a little underlying redness in my cheeks 

Morning Rountine: I Moisturize immediately using Peter Thomas Roth skin drench. I discovered the product when I left my usual moisturizer at home and picked up a sample size at Sephora before  trip to Europe. I used it the whole time and noticed a huge improvement in my skin so I was sold! I just purchased the primer and tinted moisturizer as well and that’s what I wear as foundation on days I do makeup.

Evening Rountine: Burt’s bees makeup removal wipes if I wore makeup that day, witch hazel astringent, and another application of moisturizer 

Diet & Supplements: I take biotin (hair skin and nail vitamins) and I noticed a difference in both my skin and my husbands skin after about 2 weeks of taking them

Other activities: before a shower once or twice a week I’ll do the rose mask by origins, it really seems to help with the redness, at least for that day. My esthetician told me how to make an exfoliant by mixing olive oil and sugar together and it’s been amazing! So I will follow with that in the shower. I don’t get facials as often as I should but do go about every 3 months and my skin looks great after!

Things that make my skin worse: hormones!!! I always get a chin breakout near my period. I don’t notice any specific foods causing my skin to break out, but I do notice my skin totally glows more when I’m strictly vegan for a week or more at a time (I don’t eat a lot of animal products but do not like to put any hard limitation on myself as far as diet goes so I will eat crab legs at the beach, a cheesecake my Mother-In-Law makes for my birthday, etc) I do notice alcohol dries my skin when I have wine at night more than 3 days or so a week.

Things that my skin loves: water of course! And fruits and veggies. 

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Helper bee

I’ll play!

Age & Skin Condition: 29 & good condition. I get a breakout on my chin here & there, I have VERY oily skin, starting to notice minor wrinkles around my eyes (I also squint a lot which doesn’t help).

Morning Rountine: Splash with cool water and moisturize with Neutrogena Hydo Boost gel cream. Then my regular makeup routine.

Evening Rountine: If I don’t have plans after work, I take my makeup off with Micellar water then follow my after-shower routine – wash face in shower with Biore Charcoal wash. After shower apply Kiehl’s overnight recovery oil, Ordinary niacinamide+zinc & hyaluronic acid + B5, Origins Drink Up mask (not a fan but using it up), and finally Drunk Elephant C-Tango eye cream.

Diet & Supplements: Diet is decent, I have my junk days for sure but I’m not actively on a special food regime. Supplements – fish oil, B12, acidophilous, cranberry pills. Only the fish oil should be making a difference in my skin.

Other activities: I work out regularily and drink plenty of water. On the other hand, I rarely wash my hair so the oils and dirt from that might not be helping my chin breakouts.

Things that make my skin worse: Anything Glam Glow, my period, forgetting to take my makeup off at the end of the day, not using facial oils.

Things that my skin loves: Makeup free days (very, VERY rare), facial oils, micellar water after a long work day, Pixi Milky Mist. I also do a charcoal mask or some sort of pore cleansing mask at least once a week to keep the oils and blackheads at bay. Right now I’m on the Origins charcoal mask, my skin thanks me. 

Interested to see what other Bees use!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2019

Age & Skin Condition:

30 yrs w/ combination skin prone to breakouts (had bad acne in teens to early 20s)

Morning Rountine:

Gentle face wash (Purpose by Johnson & Johnson) // hydrating toner (tonique confort by lancome) // serum (advanced genefique by lancome)  // and depending on what the rest of my day looks like I will use a day lotion (energie de vie or bienfait NIGHT cream) or sunscreen – all lancome products for this.

Evening Rountine:

Gentle face wash OR exfoliating wash – lancome products for these. I exfoliate about every other day with a rose sugar scrub and exfoliance confort. I switch between 3 lancome face washes for the PM- confort, radiance and absolue (looks like they just discontinued this absolue).

I then repeat from the morning with my toner & serum. I add a PM cream – my favorite and most used is energie de vie night mask.  I will also use hydra zen night mask and visionnaire nuit night cream. Visionnaire provides excellent results but I prefer the full hydration and “feel” from energie de vie.

I also will do a “real” mask about 3x a week. I use a purifying clay mask, a rose honey mask, a genefique serum mask, and a hydrating gel mask that wipes off. All lancome products.

Diet & Supplements:

I eat a balanced diet as frequently as possible. Grains like farro are frequent staples and we eat a lot of lean meat (elk) over beef. For supplements I take wheat germ oil and a probiotic.

Other activities:

We are active outdoors people. We hike, have horses, ski, etc.

edit: I get facials and sometimes do a steam session. Changing pillow cases frequently definitely makes a big difference, too!

Things that make my skin worse:

Jojoba oil. Eating a lot of crap processed foods. Not staying hydrated properly. Picking at my face when I’m stressed. Not getting enough sleep.

Things that my skin loves:

Sleep and hydration from the inside and out.


So clearly I have a fairly involved routine and yes, I use primarily all Lancome products. I have had extreme success with them and in how I rotate the products.  I tried using some L’oreal (their parent company) products that “matched” the lancome line and I just did not get the same results.


ETA I probably misunderstood the “other activities” portion, hehe. Oh well! My lifestyle does necessitate extra skin care. tongue-out

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

Age & Skin Condition:32. combo skin, usually good condition. traveling and being lazy makes me break out

Morning Rountine: i use a simple brand face wipe, then peter thomas roth eye cream and L”occitane face cream or fresh brand face cream

Evening Rountine:i wash with grown alchemist face wash then use an alcohol free toner followed by peter thomad roth eye cream and origins “night a mins” face cream

Diet & Supplements: i eat pretty healthy. i do notice a difference in my skin if i eat greasy foods

Other activities: i exfoliate with kate sommerville exfoliator 1-2 times a week and use sheet masks once a week

Things that make my skin worse: serums for some reason and if i get lazy and dont wash my face before bed

Things that my skin loves: olive based sheet masks for whatever reason

(sorry if i misspelled this stuff. im at work and cant remeber that kind of stuff lol)

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2019

rockclimberbride :  I realized that after I posted – haha!! I will edit it in.

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Helper bee

Age & Skin Condition: Mid 30s, generally pretty clear skin but a bit dry. I’m also starting to notice some wrinkles

Morning Rountine: My face gets wet in the shower but I don’t use any soap or cleanser. Then I put on neutrogena daily moisturizer. Usually some powder foundation but no other makeup

Evening Rountine: wash my face with neutrogena face wash. 

Diet & Supplements:  I try to eat healthy  but don’t take any supplements

Other activities: none. Considering botox in the next few years.

Things that make my skin worse: I’m not good at figuring out what affects my skin. I don’t wear much makeup so I think that’s good for preventing breakouts.

Things that my skin loves: Again, not sure. I know water is good for your skin so I try to drink lots but I’m not always successful with that.

My routine is pretty simple and I’ve been thinking about stepping it up, but sometimes I wonder if its worth it since my skin seems to be doing ok as is.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

Age & Skin Condition: 30 it varies. For the past couple years it’s been great but I’ve had ups and downs with dryness and acne over the years

Morning Rountine: wash with a gentle makeupremover wipe. Use ladykin affiatic lifting snail cream. Once that soaks in I use mizon all purpose snail cream. 

Evening Rountine:makeup remover wipe if I’m not too tired. Sometimes I use mizon snail wrinkle mask but I typically just go to bed 

Diet & Supplements: normal diet I was taking biotin before my wedding and it seemed to make it nice but I forget to take it now that I’m not as motivated.

Other activities: I’m very outdoorsy so I get a lot of exposure from wind/cold/sun. A couple times a week I will throw on a mask. Considering juvaderm in the next couple years because I furrow my brow a lot as I work thinky like all day on a computer.

Things that make my skin worse: touching it, eating too many sweets

Things that my skin loves: Korean skin care and drinking lots of water

Before I started using Korean products my face was always raw and acne prone now it’s better than when I was a teenager. American products really are too harsh for faces I won’t use them any more.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2019

Age & Skin Condition:

31, dry & sensitive

Morning Rountine:

Cleanse with The Face Shop Rice Water Oil Cleanser, then apply Hada Labo hyaluronic acid serum and alpha arbutin lotion, The Ordinary niacinamide + zinc and EUK 134 serum, Hada Labo Skin Plumping gel cream, CosRX Honey Ceramide cream, rosehip & jojoba oil. I’ll top it off with vitamin E oil if I’m feeling really dry.

Evening Rountine:

Remove makeup and wash with The Face Shop Rice Water Oil Cleanser, followed by The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Foam w/ my Clarisonic. I apply an active from the list below, and then the hyaluronic acid & alpha arbutin. The Ordinary Vitamin C powder mixed with CosRX Honey Ceramide cream, rosehip & jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

2-3x per week: CosRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid, Differin gel, TO Alpha Lipoic Acid serum

Diet & Supplements:

Pescetarian diet, lots of grains/beans/veggies. Supplements include mulitvitamin, B12, iron + vitamin C, probiotic, and a hair, skin, & nails vitamin. I’m also on birth control (pill).

Other activities:

Exercise 3-4 days/week, I try to drink 100oz of water a day and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin when I’m not drinking enough water.

Things that make my skin worse:

Harsh fragrances, dyes, or soaps/detergents, overuse of physical exfoliants, most essential oils. 

Things that my skin loves:

Rich creams and oils, sleep, water (drinking).

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Sugar bee

Age & Skin Condition: 28. Sensitive combination skin (dry & oily), but fairly clear (some blackheads but almost no breakouts) 

Morning Rountine: Rinse with water followed by moisturizer and usually topped with a physical sunscreen. Right now I’m using Ole Henrickson’s Truth line (vitamin c gel moisturizer & eye cream) because that’s what the lady at Sephora recommended. I’m really liking it so far – my skin is usually really dry and flaky once the humidity drops off in the winter, but this is keeping me moisturized and glowy. 

Evening Rountine: Wash with Kiehl’s cleanser, occasionally with Clarisonic brush. Moisturizer routine same as above. 

Diet & Supplements: Vegan diet, Mega Foods women’s daily multivitamin, vegan Omega/DHA supplement. Occasionally I remember to take Biotin.  

Other activities: Sheet masks occasionally

Things that make my skin worse: Alcohol, lack of sleep or water 

Things that my skin loves: Humidity 

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Blushing bee

Age & Skin Condition: 24. Oily and covered with acne which appeared 2 years ago out of nowhere.

Morning Routine: Wash with plain water

Evening Routine: Wash with a gentle cleanser. Use prescribed acne gel. Take antibiotic. Apply a light moisturiser in winter.

Diet & Supplements: Primarily plant based, but with some other stuff here and there. I try and drink around 2L of water per day. I take a B vitamin complex, iodine and vitamin D, but not specifically for my skin. My acne is only partially treated by the antibiotics, and the effects don’t last when I stop, so I have a dermatology appointment in a couple of months to discuss Isotretinoin.

Other activities: Regular walks and yoga. I attempt to do higher intensity cardio a couple of times a week.

Things that make my skin worse: All face makeup (bb cream, tinted moisturiser, foundation, powder, blush, highlighter, bronzer etc.), stress, dairy, alcohol, washing with product more than once a day, dehydration.

Things that my skin loves: Staying hydrated, eating a variety of fruit and veg, being left alone.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2019

Age & Skin Condition:

28, combo skin, 98% of the time clear of spots etc, slight redness around the nose that gets more pronounced when I havn’t been in the sun for a long time 

Morning Rountine:

cetaphil face wash in shower, olay moisturiser and spf 

Evening Rountine:

garnier micellar cleansing water, mario badescu seaweed cleansing soap, mario badescu cleanser/toner, olay moisturizer and eye crean (I am trying out mario badescu products so this is relatively new skin care routine before I would only use the cleansing water and moisturizer)

Diet & Supplements:

I drink a LOT of water, my diet is gluten free but still carb heavy according to my protein monster of a fiance. I dont drink any sugary drinks, i try to eat lots of vegetables and don’t eat much chocolate or candy or chips etc (unless due my period then I’ll eat melted chocolate with marshmallow every. single. day.) I take two probiotics gummies each night and magnesium pills to help me poop because my digestive system sucks.

Other activities:

I train 3 times per week, walk our dog daily and on sats we hike with him for a few hours (he’s a little pug so only so far we can go..)

Things that make my skin worse:

not drinking enough water and alcohol 

Things that my skin loves:

unscented products and sunlight!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2019

Age & Skin Condition: 35, dry skin w/ some fine lines and slight redness.  I used to have a problem with acne into my mid/late twenties (and use topicals, pills and even 2 courses of accutane), but as I’ve aged it’s finally gone away and breakouts are really, really occasional for my face.  (Though I still breakout on my back if I don’t shower promptly after working out.)

Morning Rountine: For overall face: hydrating toner or essence, facial serum, skin oil, cream.  Eyes: serum and cream.  Currently I’m using Sisleya Essential Skincare Lotion, Goldfaden MD Flueressence Native Botanical Cell Oil, and Clinique Dramatically Difference Hydrating Jelly.  Then I use Dr. Jart Cipacair Color Correcting Treatment to help reduce redness before applying makeup.  For eyes currently using Kiehls Powerful Strength Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate followed by a Ole Henriksen eye cream.

Evening Rountine: Same as above except I cleanse my skin first with either ole Henriksen cleansing wipes or Glam Glow Thirstycleanse (sadly discontinued but I LOVE this) and I skip the Dr. Jart for redness.  I’ll also often use a Lush Temple Balm to help me feel relaxed and fall asleep.

Diet & Supplements:  I’d say my diet is average, it’s not overly indulgent, but not uber healthy either.

Other activities:  I’ve gotten facials sporadically but now looking to get them 1x a month leading up to my wedding.  I also exfoliate my skin about twice a week (mainly with facial peels as the recommendation of my esthetician – it was counterintuitive at first but chemical peels are gentler on my skin than scrubs.  And I do facial masks for specific facial concerns or just to relax.  My masks tend to be for calming, moisture, or anti-aging though I do occasionally use glam glow as a spot treatment for breakouts.

Things that make my skin worse:  Stress, seasonal changes though it adjusts after a bit.

Things that my skin loves:  Moisture and hydration, sleep, humid climates.

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