Your SO feelings towards your pet?

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Helper bee
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My dog and I are a package deal.  We’d been together for a few years before I met my husband.  Luckily, he’s a huge dog lover and completely accepts her, and had no problem with us moving in with him a couple of years ago.  I always referred to myself as “mummy” and then started calling him “papa.”  lol, he loves it.  Maybe weird, but instead of calling each other by our names we call each other mummy and papa even when the dog isn’t around.  *shrugs*

A previous bf didn’t take to her very well and when he asked me how old she was (she was 2), he made a comment along the lines of “oh…I guess she’ll be around a long time then…”  DONEZO!  NEXT!  DEALBREAKER!

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Helper bee
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I had one cat before I met my now husband. At the time he had no cats, and had recently moved out of his brother’s place, who had 3 cats. He adores cats (but also all living creatures). He and my cat had an instant connection. He would stay over and the cat forgot all about me, because he was there. About a year into our relationship he adopted a cat that was a stray in the yard. So we each have a cat. He calls them our boys, and is always disrupting what i am doing to be sure I can see the cute things they are doing. If I am giving one attention he tells me “You are the best cat mom. You are so sweet and gentle with them,” and then he melts and gets all snuggly. Its adorable. 

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Bumble bee
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I had two cats before FH and I met, and he’s been wonderful about embracing them.  He’s more of a dog person, but loves to play with them and jokingly chastises them about cleaning up their own messes when they scatter toys all over the floor, lol.  He’s definitely having to adjust a little (can’t leave dishes in the sink or closet doors open, etc), but he’s very sweet to them and thinks they’re fun.

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Helper bee
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Hahaha my husband absolutely adores my cat. Possibly more than I do sometimes. And the feeling is mutual, there’s a clear preference when it comes to my lap or husbands. I think it’s sweet though, they make me smile.  

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Busy bee
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SO and I each had a dog before we got together. They also just so happen to be the same breed, except 4 years apart in age. Mine was still very much in his puppy phase when we started dating, and it’s a pretty high-energy breed (and admittedly he wasn’t very well trained, since I got him shortly before my divorce and puppy training wasn’t financially feasible), so he was hard to be around for long periods of time lol. We slowly introduced the dogs to each other over time, and at first, his hated mine. But we moved in together over a year ago and they now adore each other. I think they’d each be very sad without the other. My dog has chilled out a lot, too, and my SO has grown to love him. My dog follows my SO everywhere, I think he likes him more than he likes me. We refer to my SO as “dad.” We’re one big, happy family now!

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My Fiance has never had pets beacuse his dad is severely allergic.  When we met, I had a dog and two cats.  He has always been great with the dog, but took him a while to adjust to the cats.  Now that it’s been a few years, he loves them just as much as I do! Pets have a way of worming their way into your heart!

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Busy bee
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catqueen92 :  My now Darling Husband had a cat when I moved in with him that he’d had for 12 years and he was the perfect pet. We had to put him down due to cancer a year into our relationship and we all (us and our 2 kids) mourned the loss so hard. We agreed as a family that we wanted to get another cat, so we picked this one out from the shelter. Luckily we are both on the same page about pets- we’re fine with one cat at a time and no dogs or other pets. We could be convinced to rescue the stray that hangs out on our deck, but he won’t let us near him LOL. 

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Sugar bee
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I had two dogs when I met my now husband, I grew up with pets and he did not so I think it was a bit of an adjustment for him. He doesn’t LOVE that they sleep in the bed with us, or that our plans tend to revolve around the dogs (ie. can’t go on a last minute trip if I don’t have someone lined up to watch them) but he does love the dogs and is really good with them. I don’t trust many people to watch my dogs, but every time I go out of town without my husband I know they’re in good hands.

Sometimes I’ll come into a room and see them cuddling and it’s super cute.

I honestly wouldn’t have continued to date him if he was an asshole to my dogs, I plan to always have pets and I made sure he was in agreement with that right away.

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Busy bee
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FH and I each had a dog before we got together. It was very important to each of us that any future partner in a relationship would need to love and accept our dog. Our first date was actually a dog walk together at the beach. We refer to them both as OUR dogs and both dogs are equally attached to both of us. Every day they go to the beach together, and they love running and swimming together. They have become quite bonded and they lick each other’s noses, which I think is the cutest thing ever!


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Helper bee
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Ooooohh! My SO and my dog – wow what a bond! It has been so beautiful to see it develop over 2 years. At first she barked and growled and hated him coming near me. He says she used to eyeball him when I left the room. She’s a German shepherd and can pretend to be quite scary when she wants to… she doesn’t welcome anyone into her life easily. But slowly slowly they became friends and now she loves him so very much. He is definitely Daddy and she loves as protects him as fiercely as she does me. He is not always home and she cries when he goes and is joyous when he returns. It is so beautiful now to see them together and bless him he has taken this big beautiful fluffy messy dog who needs lots of walks and attention on and she is now a huge part of his life. I am so lucky to have them both!

’wolf pack never say die’ 



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Everyone here has such cute stories about their SOs bonding with their pets, and I’m kind of jealous. My boyfriend is absolutely not a pet person. He ignores the cat, the cat ignores him, they’re both pretty content with that.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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catqueen92 :  

When I met Dh, I had five, yep five, happy, healthy, bouncy German Shepherds. They demanded quite a lot from humans, emotionally. 

He had told me he was a dog lover. They all said they were dog lovers. 

It didn’t take long for Dh to fall hard for my babies. Every other guy I dated, you know, those “dog lovers”, bitched about the dog hair. We don’t call them German Shedders for nothing.

Dh never griped about the hair. One of the top three best things he has done in his entire life—he brought a ratty old jacket and sweats to stash in my closet for playtime with the pups. Problem solved. That gesture won him a lot of points.

And play, we did. Countless times the post dinner entertainment included sitting on the picnic table with adult beverages, watching the dogs chase each other. I had fenced acreage at the time, so they could get wild and crazy. Dh liked to join in, which the furkids loved because he could throw stuff farther than I.

He did not like it when I referred to him as the puppers’ “uncle”. He wanted the full “daddy” mantle.

Many years later, we still talk wistfully about those times. Daddy’s first intro to German Shepherds. Our beloved pack is now gone; new pups have captured our hearts. We just lost our quasi rescue girl, our sweet 10 year old Lexi a few weeks ago, unexpectedly. Daddy took it so hard. He always does. 

He talked about the dogs at our wedding.

He’s taken over a lot of the dog chores, he really wants to take care of them. Training falls on me, I’ve done quite a lot of it in the past 30 years, so, ok.

The dogs are really at the center of our lives. They have been from the start.

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co_katherine :  

Dh recently went through allergy testing and found out he’s allergic to dogs, among other things.

With nary a peep, he goes to the doctor’s office every week for his allergy shots and carries his epi pen. Not a single word of complaint. And definitely not a nanosecond of thought about not having the dogs in his life. He will just soldier on for the next couple of years.

This is quite out of character, he’s a bit of a drama queen about owies and inconvenience.

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