Your SO feelings towards your pet?

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I have one cat and had her for a while before fiance and I got together. He’s allergic to cats but he LOVES her and takes an antihistamine daily. (With the tablet he is fine.) He is so good with her, she is elderly and sick (she will have her 18th birthday on Saturday, and she has cancer) and he takes such good care of her. I don’t know what I’d do without either of them. <3 I know our little mrowper won’t be with us for much longer, but it melts my heart to see how good he is with her (he’d never had a pet before her).

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 Hubby is great with our dog. I had him before getting together with Darling Husband, and he’s fallen in love with our furball. He even grooms him now! It’s so cute πŸ’š

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I have a ball python, and when I got him I knew I would be limiting my romantic prospects pretty significantly since A)  I don’t blame anyone for not being okay with large snakes and B)  to me, he is my Ittle Bebe Snakums and I am never ever giving him up or letting him go without anything he needs.  A well cared for ball python can live 30 years in captivity, so it was a big commitment and one that I weighed out very carefully (I started researching snakes as pets four years before I decided to get him).

I’d be lying if I said FH was into Slithers right away, but he certainly respected that I was VERY into Slithers and that he was going to have to learn to adapt to snake-life if he wanted to stick around. Slowly but surely, under the serpent’s spell!  Now he has no problem with handling Slithers, putting him in his sandbox or his jungle gym or just letting him hang out around his neck for an evening.  He still doesn’t like to feed Slithers, but that may be more about the frozen rat thing than the feeding the snake thing.

In short, he’s way cooler with the snake than I had any right to expect a guy to be, and we all live in reptilian/mammalian harmony pretty well!

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SO and I got a dog after we started living together but very much on my demand. He likes dogs but isn’t dog crazy like I am. 

He loves our dog and cares for her when I’m out of town and only gripes a little about the amount I spend on chemical free organic treats and food and toys and chews and beds (you see where I’m headed here…)

But we both know, if never openly discussed, that if we ever divorced and she was still in the picture she’d be coming with me. I’m her person. I ADORE her. He loves her but she is a dog to him. She is a member of the family to me ( that I am aware is a dog so appropriate boundaries are in place). 

He’s just not as much of an animal person as me. As long as he treats her with respect and empathy I can be understanding of that.

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Pet lovers are the best! My FH is so sweet with my dog!! <3  He had never owned or lived with one before we starting dating but he has quickly become so great with them.

I have a 75lb hound and I foster large dogs, often unsocialized ones. When we had just started dating, I brought home an Australian/German shepherd mix who was completely unsocialized and aggressively terrified of men. She was really intense but he was never anything but loving to her, even when she caused so much trouble (great escapes from the house, aggression, “interruptions,” you name it). She would approach him while I was home, but would sometimes get scared if he petted her and snap at him. He couldn’t even handle her if I wasn’t home (she would bark/bite through crate out of fear) But he was so patient and kind to her, and it was SOOOO sweet to work with both of them on their fear. Within a week she had learned to trust him to let her out of the crate, give belly rubs, and go on walks. She stopped growling at strange men on walks. And she was adopted!

He went from being totally confused by dog ownership to being a true animal lover. It definitely gives me confidence in how he’ll be as a father. <3 

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I had my cat before my husband and I got together. He’s always liked the cat, building him towers & stuff when we were just dating/living separately. He probably loves our two dogs (that we adopted together) more, but he’s a dog person more than a cat person.

I’ve also had my horse for many years before my husband was in the picture. He doesn’t live at our house, and my husband doesn’t ride, so he doesn’t feel strongly toward the horse (although he tolerates the crazy expense that is owning a horse, so I can’t complain πŸ˜‰ )

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All of these doggo pics made my morning! So cute.

My fiance tolerates my lizard – he’s small and extremely low maintenance and his cage doesn’t smell anymore than our houseplants do after they’re freshly watered. I also babytalk the living crap out of the grumpy little reptile and will happily (if he’s in the mood to be handled) sit for hours giving him kisses, snuggles and snacks and completely ignore my Fiance. He also tends to try and jump back to me if I give him to Fiance to hold while I’m cleaning his cage or something (probably picks up on nervous vibes as he is pretty small and quick) so he says he’s a mama’s boy. I had him for 3 years before getting back together with/moving in with Fiance so we were definitely a package deal, he’s 7 now and average lifespan is 20-25 years.

Yes, I’m a weirdo. No, I don’t care. πŸ™‚

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catqueen92 :  My SO loves my (now our) dog. She reminds him of his old childhood dog (they look alike). I rescued her when she was 8 and he met her when she was 10, so shes just a sweet old girl. She really loves him too. She will come over and get pets from both of us.

When he first started staying over and when he moved in, he jumped right in to helping with her. Hes up first in the morning so he will let her out and feed her. He just accepted her as a part of his life too which is awesome πŸ™‚

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I adopted 2 Siberian Huskies about 2 years after I started casually dating my now-husband. We moved in together a few years later and he immediately became “daddy” to our pups. He loves them *almost* as much as I do and they love him. We have family snuggle time every non-workday morning on our bed. 

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catqueen92 :  We have multiple pets now, but my cat that I have had for ten years prior to us being together is his “step-son”. It is beautiful because he would honestly do anything for him and he finds it very important that he stays in my cat’s good book.

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I have had my cat Miss Henry since I was in middle school.  During college and shortly after college she stayed with my mom, but once I relocated and settled on the West Coast I moved her across the country.  Darling Husband and I had just moved in together at that point.  It took some time for her to get comfortable but Darling Husband never had issues with her.  We started sharing all of her costs once we were engaged and now, 5 years later, he is her primary caregiver and gives her thyroid medication twice a day (I’m pregnant and cannot touch the stuff).  Miss Henry and Darling Husband seem to have similar personalities and are a great match. 

A couple years after Miss Henry moved in with us, DH’s cat from college, Bailey moved in with us.  Darling Husband originally got Bailey in college after a roommate abandoned her.  She lived with him throughout college and then moved in with his mom while he moved across the country for graduate school.  His mom unexpectedly passed away and we moved Bailey out to the west coast with us.  The cats do not care for each other but tolerate one another.  I feel like Bailey is my spirit animal.  I swear we have similar personality traits.  

I have always seen Bailey as my cat and Darling Husband has always treated Miss Henry like his.  Darling Husband does complain about all the chores that come with cats and how they can be a pain and says no more cats in the future but I think he is an animal lover at heart. He does talk often about getting a dog.  I am not a dog person, but imagine I would completely adore my own dog. I could never imagine us not having a cat.  

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