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  • Wedding: May 2014


Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband? We met at work

Where was your first date? Dinner and miniature golfing

The date you became ‘Official’? 3/18- he asked me to be his gf during world of lights at Disneyland 

Engagement date? 9/20/12

Where was the proposal? on a dinner cruise in NY

Ring? Beautiful halo

Wedding date? 5/2

Where did you get or getting married? Botanical gardens

Wedding band?  My great grandmothers eternity band and a diamond and sapphire band 

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  • Wedding: August 2015

This is so cute! Not married yet, but I can do most of the questions.


Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband? We were on a sailing team that included students from the five colleges in the area.

Where was your first date? After meeting, we were just friends for a long time, and he also went to study abroad.  We both developed crushes, so as soon as he got back to the US, I went to visit him.  Since it was summer he was at his parents’ home near the Finger Lakes in new York.  They thought I was just a friend visiting, so I’m not really sure what our first date was.  I mean, I had dinner with his family the first night I got there! I think maybe our first date was when we went out alone at night on one of their boats to star gaze and then went back to the house to watch a movie and cuddle.

The date you became ‘Official’? July 4, 2007.  It’s the day we had our first kiss, and we knew it was going to be serious.

Engagement date? June 1, 2013.

Where was the proposal? Down by the lake at my college.  Perfect, sentimental setting.


Wedding date? August 8, 2015

Where did you get or getting married? We will be married at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylson, MA.

Wedding band? I’ll probably go with a simple, platinum band.  I want mine to match his, and we both like very classic styles.

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  • Wedding: May 2014

Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband? 9th grade Spanish class. We frequently got talked to by the teacher for flirting in class before we went out lol

Where was your first date? The movies. We saw Premonition, terrible movie

The date you became ‘Official’? April 7, 2007

Engagement date? August 17, 2012

Where was the proposal? A beautiful courtyard on his school’s campus

Ring? Solitaire moissanite with pave band

Wedding date? May 24, 2014

Where did you get or getting married? Country club in our hometown

Wedding band? Matching pave wedding band

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  • Wedding: May 2014

Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband?

  • The first time around: at a local music show. I was “moshed into” by someone and he in turn broke their nose “by accident”
  • The second time around: after 3 years of not talking, he ran into my parents at a bar during Bike Week in Wildwood- I was living in Austin at the time. Thanks to the internet, I contacted him. Within a month, he flew me up north and I moved back weeks after that.

Where was your first date? 

  •  Technically, the movies and we ended up leaving early to go “park”

The date you became ‘Official’? 

  •  Some time in August the first time, and November 5, 2011 the second time around.

Engagement date?

  •  December 24, 2012

Where was the proposal? 

  •  At home. It was low key and sweet. Very us.


  •  2.75ct antique cushion cut in a white gold Tiffany Legacy inspired setting, with aquamarine peekaboo stones.

Wedding date? 

  •  Technically – May 15, 2014. Ceremony date – May 17, 2014

Where did you get or getting married? 

  •  Reykjavik, Iceland

Wedding band? 

<br /><br /><br />

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  • Wedding: September 2014

Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband?

I started a new job in January of 2006. I saw him the first time I walked through the doors on my first day. 

Where was your first date? 

We went to Applebee’s and to see Scary Movie 4. We had been hanging out for awhile before that point, but that was the first time it was a date. His best friend and roommate at the time wanted to date me, and he had to make sure that his friend had accepted it wasn’t going to happen and was okay with us dating.

The date you became ‘Official’? 

July 1, 2006


Engagement date?

March 2014. The exact day is in my profile. I think the 6th?

Where was the proposal? 

At home with a candlelit Chinese takeout dinner.


Classic solitaire

Wedding date? 

Due to the nature of our wedding plans, it will be one of the Fridays in September. Probably the 19th. 

Where did you get or getting married? 

We’re traveling about 2 hours away to a city, getting married in their historic courthouse, spending the day together, and spending the night in a 5 star hotel. We’ll have a reception at home for family when we get back.

Wedding band? 

I’ve been trying to figure that one out. I’m returning the plain band I just got. I want a more substantial/matching plain band.

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  • Wedding: August 2012

Where did you meet FI/DH? – Through our church.  I was a student involved in the ministry and he was an associate campus minister.  We met in fall 2010, but since both of us assumed the other one was dating someone else, nothing happened for months. 

Where was your first date? – We didn’t know it was going to be a first date, we were just meeting to kinda figure out if we were both interested in the other one.  We met at a coffee shop and then kept talking for 4 hours!  Eventually, we went next door to Qdoba to grab dinner and that’s when we knew it was a date. 

Date you became official? – May 1, 2011.  About 3 months after we seriously started talking more. 

Engagement date – April 19, 2012

Where was the proposal? – At a concert that we went to to celebrate me finishing undergrad. 

Ring? – It’s a solitaire (the stone is handed down from his great-grandma!) with an infinity shaped band that has 10 smaller diamonds in it.  It is a bridal set, so the band fits in the coutours of the infinity sign. 

Wedding Date – August 11, 2012. 

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Oooh what fun!

Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband? We both worked at…wait for it…Walmart. -.- Luckily we have escaped and found much better places of employment!

Where was your first date? This is the reason I love him…he is so unique! We actually went to a gun shooting range and he taught me how to shoot. He even “missed” the target (on purpose) just so that when I actually hit it, we could be ecstatic together. Then we went to Olive Garden and they sat us at this gargantuan table for like 12, even though it was just us 2, and he now says he was super disappointed. He also says he knew I was even more awesome because I actually ate my food on our first date and wasn’t scared of eating. Hahaha

The date you became ‘Official’? October 20, 2012

Engagement date? May 24, 2013

Where was the proposal? On a bridge over a river after coming back into town from a week-long vacation. =D

Ring? 0.98 (he corrected me about the size LOL) VS1 champagne diamond solitaire in a split-shank white gold band with custom engravings inside and out. It was custom made as well. ^.^

Wedding date? May 24, 2014 (AHHH TWO WEEKS.)

Where did you get or getting married? At the smallest venue in the country ever. It is pretty freaking awesome though.

Wedding band? A five or six white diamond bevel cut white gold band. It is completely opposite of my e-ring but dang, it sure does sparkle!

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  • Wedding: November 2014

Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband? We interacted on twitter for a while before meeting in person through a mutual friend. She brought him to the burlesque show that I was performing in lol. So I met him for the first time in my underwear.

Where was your first date? At a local museum/art gallery/archives. I work there and he mentioned (also on twitter) that he had never been there. I offered to give him a personal tour. Took him a month to take me up on it lol. 

The date you became ‘Official’? Probably about 2 weeks after the first date and after a couple of dates. We “came out” online as a couple about a month after we started dating. 

Engagement date? Feb 18, 2014 

Where was the proposal? Where we had our first kiss. 

Ring? White gold, .5 carat solitaire

 Wedding date? Nov 15, 2014

 Where did you get or getting married? My hometown church with reception following at the hall down the street

Wedding band? Not bought yet

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  • Wedding: February 2015



Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband? Childhood friends/Neighbors

Where was your first date? Probably the movies…? We started “dating” at 14 and 16 then again at 18 and 20.

The date you became ‘Official’? January 23, 2007

Engagement date? His birthday – March 9th.  It was so sweet of him to share his day with me 🙂

Where was the proposal? In bed

Ring? Too difficult to describe so here are pics:

Wedding date? Valentine’s Day 🙂 I’m such a hopeless romantic and my Fiance isn’t too thrilled about celebrating Vday so now we have a reason to (I win lol)!

Where did you get or getting married? Washingotn, DC

Wedding band? See pics above

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  • Wedding: February 2015

Lol, really? @my huge pics!! (Sorry)

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  • Wedding: September 2015

Where/How you met your Fiance or Husband?

At a ska show. 


Where was your first date? 

Hurm… The Crepe Place, I am guessing that was our first. 


The date you became ‘Official’? 

 September 6, 2010


Engagement date?

 October 19, 2012


Where was the proposal? 

It was apparently supposed to be at this place I loved in California but they were closed, so we went to a few other places that we loved (we were getting ready to move to Oregon..and just saying goodbye to our favs) but everywhere we went, there was something “off” about it, so finally he just did it at a wine bar. haha



Custom made all sapphire ring. Center stone is a purple sapphire and side stones (20 of them in all) are white sapphires. The stone total (21) relates to the date in August when we totally knew we liked each other. 


Wedding date? 

 September 6, 2015


Where did you get or getting married? 

 Portland, Oregon…in an awesome downtown venue that totally reminds me of a lot of places I used to host ska bands. We are both big into music, so we plan on having at least 3 live bands and wanted that comfortable feel of a old theater. 

Wedding band? 

Not 100% decided on that yet. I am thinking of just 2 plain bands. I know I want 2 bands…one on each side of my ring…just not sure the exact style yet. <br /><br /><br />

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