(Closed) Your Wedding Day: What Went "Wrong?"

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  • The caterer didn’t have water glasses set out on the tables for dinner. My Maid/Matron of Honor had to go ask them to give people glasses. In our meeting, multiple times I told the caterer I did NOT want a drink station, because she usually set it up in a room where no one would know it was there. She did it anyway.
  • The caterer did not bring the cake stand she said she would. So our cakes were just sitting on the table on their cardboard circles. It looked sloppy.
  • The caterer did not give out the honey mustard aioli sauce with the pork tenderloin. This was the one thing I was looking forward to with the food. The salmon got its associated sauce, but the pork didn’t.
  • I paid $10 to have a little cute card box/vintage hat box sent to the venue from the rental company. It wasn’t there. Cards just piled up on the table. It looked sloppy.
  • The bouquets for the bridesmaids were just a shade away from my cream bouquet. I asked them to spray them yellow. They did not look yellow at all.

That’s all that jumps out right now but I’m sure there’s more. Caterer really failed to meet my expectations, but according to all my guests, the appetizers were great, so I hope it made up for the dry ass pork tenderloin.

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llevinso:  Oh boy – I’ve got a few!

I had pre-ordered lunch for myself and my girls as we were all getting ready at the venue. Lunch was never delivered and by the time I realized, it was way too late and we were about to start pictures, so we went all day only eating breakfast. 

My brother’s new girlfriend showed up to our ceremony drunk. So so so drunk! And wearing HIGH heels. Our wedding was outside at an estate property. There was lots of grass, gravel, and stones. The girl was falling everywhere and was just a mess. It was her first time meeting the family too.

Our ceremony was just perfect!

As our guests were transitioning from the cocktail hour to the reception space, my husband and I went and took some sunset pictures. Our chef saw our guests moving from one space to the other, so he finished up the dinner and had everything ready to go. Great, right? But by the time our guests got settled, and we did our grand enterance, and the apps had been served, eaten, and cleared, the entree’s had been sitting out for 45 minutes! So everyone’s meat was cold. My pork was overcooked. Not great. I wish he had just stuck to the schedule I gave him which had accounted for the extra time for pictures, grand enterance, and time for our MC to talk.

Speaking of MCs, my brothers were my MC’s. I didn’t know it at the time, but my brother with the drunk girlfriend was really upset with her for showing up in the state she did. She wandered off in the middle of dinner and he left to go find her with all of the MC notes. So my other brother had to wing it. He got everything wrong, asked the wrong people to come up and speak, etc. It was bad and everyone was confused. Apparently they had all these stories to tell about me growing up, and about our relationship, but he forgot them all without the notes. 

When my brother found his girlfriend, she was near the enterance to the estate, close to the road. She had lost her phone and her shoes. They got into a big fight! One of the neighbours called the estate owner and told him he’s about to call the cops, so the owner took off to find them and calm them down. He told my brother to take a walk to calm down and brought the girlfriend back to the tent and to her seat beside my Dad. She took off again and when my brother came back, he couldn’t find her. Eventually he found her walking down the middle of the road (still without shoes or her phone). Meanwhile, dessert has been served, we’ve cut the cake, first dances are underway. He’s basically missed the entire reception, and I had to write out some speaking notes for my other brother on a napkin so he at least knew the order of the events. 

My brother and his girlfriend left the venue and went back to the hotel. So he basically missed my entire reception. I haven’t seen the girlfriend since. I think (I hope) they broke up. Drama!

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Oh the things that can go wrong  🙂

– We didn’t end up with a formal picture of just us.  This was partly because of running around. We are actually retaking them this afternoon!

–  Our close friend has professional video work and as our gift, offered to video the wedding. Score! Except she forgot to turn the camera on…My husband is really sad over this one.

– We got non-wedding cake from our favorite bakery – 10 cakes total. Except they didn’t give everyone cake – only those who were sitting down, and most people were dancing.  So we had over half of our cake left! We ate 1 cake at 2 am with friends, brought another down to breakfast the next morning, and then had a wedding cake party the next week with a bunch of friends. And…we still had cake.  

– This one is funny: we stayed up until 3 am with family and friends.  We had been upgraded to this awesome suite, and Darling Husband wanted to carry me across the threshold.  Well, we get to the room and…our key doesn’t work. He puts me down, we traipse all the way downstairs.  They ask for ID – I just look at the desk person and say, um we are the bride and groom.  So not really a disaster more like a very funny 5 minutes. 

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  • Wedding: May 2016

I had my 3 day religious wedding recently (organised by Fiance family) although I’m still planning my big white wedding for 5 weeks time (planned by Fiance and me).. So I’m in the very weird position of having had one wedding to learn from for the next. It is amazing and I’m very lucky. 

My big regret was that we were given 1 thing to do- recording the event. I am thrilled with our incredible photographer but majorly pissed off with myself for overlooking or thinking a videographer was too much money. I bitterly regret this because my religious wedding was so overwhelming and so wonderful and all I have is crappy cameraphone videos with people in front of the action. I need a video to recall all the exciting moments that I was unable to take in at the time because they were all so new to me.  His family are so so so so disappointed with the lack of video too so I feel terribly guilty. In their culture it is really expected and considered a once in a lifetime video opportunity and in the drama of the run up it just got forgotten. I’m a photography obsessive which makes it even worse. But it’s done now.

I am considering a videographer for our next wedding but it won’t be the same because it’s less ceremonial with an English wedding but it might help me get over my huge mistake.

We live and learn. Marrying the one we love is the main thing.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

cooperlove:  yeah it was a huge mistake that really pissed me off. I specified the premium packge in my emails with the coordinator well before the day of, but even if I had forgotten to specify they shouldn’t have automatically served top shelf (in that case they should have realized I didn’t specify and contact me).

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  • Wedding: May 2016

houstonsweetcorn:  Jesus! She forgot to turn the video on??!! Read my story above- you made me feel better that these thinfs happen…. glad everything else went well and you are looking back on a great day. X

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Any of my gfs or acquaintences who talk about the stress of planning and all the what if’s I tell them about my first wedding day:

5am wakeup call for me and my maids – then about 5:45am not only is there a violent thudner storm going down, my pregnant bridesmaid informs me her water has broke and she’s heading to the hopsital. Now that was extremely exciting until I remembered her father, our minister might miss the birth of his first grand child to marry us.

Next we find out a tornado hit the hall and they have no power on site, food prep happening at the other location.

Weather clears up just in time to head to the church and the ceremony was gorgeous.  Ceremony ends and I can’t find my new Husband. Turns out his Grandfather had passed away in the night, hence why his step dad wasn’t at the ceremony (I didn’t even notice to be honest).

His family still joined usfor dinner and so did the Minister to say grace before heading out to be with respective families. My Ex has about 10 ppl out of 40 at the reception.

But all in all looking back? It was an amazing day. So many emotions but most of them were happy and joyful despite all the extra drama.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

llevinso:  oh I forgot a big one that could have been horrible but turned out ok…our venue was owned by this family who had this big dispute over it and ended up going to court. The court ruled that the property had to sold. So right in the middle of planning my wedding, our venue was put up for sale and we had no idea if the new owners were going to honor our contract and even keep it as a wedding venue. Luckily the guy that bought it owns a ton of hotels in the area and honored the existing contracts and didn’t start renovations until after all the weddings. This probably contributed to the staff being less than awesome since they were all losing their jobs.

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  • Wedding: October 2014

llevinso:  one of the smaller things I remember: our cupcake tower was unsteady so one of the best men had to hold it whilst we cut the pretty cake at the top. As the knife sliced through, a chunk of cake suddenly landed like a clumsy pile of crap on the table. The photo of my expression is priceless.


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  • Wedding: September 2015

We were suppost to get married on top of a beautiful mountain, but a couple days before the wedding the venue’s tram that was going to bring everyone to the top broke 🙁 BUT the venue moved us to a beautiful spot by a lake where the mountain was in the background and we found a cool spot in the woods in a stream to take pictures that we would have never found if everything went to plan!

My hair fell flat before the ceremony even began, no big deal to me, was important to my mom though.

Our fingers had swollen from the stress of the day so our rins didn’t fit, but that turned into a really funny picture of me trying to shove my husbands ring on his finger with our officiant laughing his butt off in the background.

Due to taking pictures IN a stream that wasn’t planned for my dress got wet and muddy before the reception began, so I ran in the bathroom and cleaned it in the sink, haha.

Whoever set up the last touches on the cake table labed the wrong cake/cupcakes gluten free….

I never really specified to the photog that we didn’t care about “decor” photos, that we care more about photos of family and friends, so there was about a 1/2 hour where our photogs were getting decor shots inside the reception place when everyone was outside with us. I regret not saying, please don’t shoot our centerpeices and candles, we don’t care about them, please stay with us!

Due to a last minute change in plans a verbal conversation with the DJ and a not specific enough contract meant our reception ended an hour early. No biggie though, we all cleaned up and went to the bar to have more fun.

Hubby played guitar for a few songs during our reception. His first performance infront of people ever. He didn’t want a videographer but wanted to record it himself. Got the video, but he forgot to turn on the mike to the camera…. Video, but no sound 🙁

The biggest thing that went wrong is I asked the venue to change the sizes of the tables so i could fit my dad’s whole family at his table. Without realizing it, the change would shift their table a couple feet more to the back. This made it so his table was not as close to us as originally planned and blocked them from some pictures. They had young children with them so they had to leave early, which meant I didn’t get ANY pictures of them other than from the photobooth…. Not happy about that.

Oh and we did have a wedding crasher who was drunk as can be. When hubby and i saw him at that point we had too much fun to even care (I never thought i would say that! thought i would have automatically kicked out anyone) But he was getting a little too close to some female friends and relatives so two of hubby’s friends kicked this guy out and to this day they are so proud to have been “the bouncers” at our wedding!

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  • Wedding: September 2013 - Ontario, Canada

Our wedding actually went really smoothly but there was a few little things that didn’t go to plan. I was supposed ot stay at my inlaws house (we got married where they lived, my family where in a hotel) and one of my briedmaids where arriving a few couple of days before the wedding so we would share a room. She arrives with the wirst cold and cough so my Darling Husband decided “no way are you staying with her and getting ill for wedding/honeymoon” and his brother refused to give up the cough so Darling Husband had to stay in a hotel one night and then I had to stay in my parents room the night before the wedding on a couch. Great right? No! my mom was annoyed and angry with me for not having time to focus on one of thier friends from out of town (hello! I’m getting married tomorrow) and my stepdad snored really bad so I hardly got any sleep.

My mom and stepdad went for breakfast and didn’t wake me up, so I ended up getting a small pot of yoghurt and som watermelon for breakfast. Didn’t get anything else to eat until out cocktail reception at 6.30pm so almost fainted after our first look.

My inlaws almost missed the ceremony and arrived 5 min before I walked down the aisle. Didn’t find this out until later though.

Our cake almost collapsed in transit so was a bit crooked but no one really noticed.

The DJ didn’t play any music during dinner so we had to remind him to put on some background music like we had requested. He also didn’t really play our “must have” list even though the company insisted we had to pick one and that they would 100% play those songs. Go figure!

Our photographers took a million photos but still missed several “must have’s” and I am not overjoyed with how they photos turned out but there are at least a handful that are great and I guess that’s good enough.

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My Dad cut the wedding cake during the cocktail hour because he wanted a slice. 

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  • Wedding: October 2016

Ukulele4You:  That is such a dad thing to do. LMAO!

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  • Wedding: March 2016

Nothing major went wrong at my Easter weekend wedding. The biggest things were (1) people ditching and no-showing (2) one annoying lady not sitting at her assigned table (3) people leaving early (4) tables being mostly empty because of the afforementioned issues. All in all it was a wonderful day but I’m glad it’s over!

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  • Wedding: September 2015

What went wrong? Not a thing. I had a DOC that was able to help me be prepared for every little thing- she even had us get some skin so soft insect repellant because there can be little flies that bite on the beach at sunset. She thought of EVERYTHING and so nothing went wrong at all. Perfect day.

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