(Closed) Your wedding pet peeve?

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  • Wedding: June 2013

I do… – I know this is stupid but I hate it, too. I want it to be genuine and come from me. I NEVER say “I do”… even “I will” or “I promise” is better! ๐Ÿ˜› 

I hate anything awkward at a wedding, whether that is groom going under the bride’s skirt for the garter or the dollar dance, or calling out specific groups of people onto the dance floor. Awkward speeches, long toasts, etc. 

Heck… after listing all that, I think my wedding is really going to shock some people! ๐Ÿ˜› I want it to be simple and to the point and about my husband and I promising things to each other. Please keep the corny out of it! 

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  • Wedding: May 2010

long, and i mean long, dances.  i mean the bride and groom and then the bride and dad and then the groom and mom and then the bride and Father-In-Law and groom and Mother-In-Law and then the wedding party and then lets get grandma up for a dance.  your guests are dying of boredom folks

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Sugar Beekeeper

Loooong slide shows that demand your full attention, especially those with really unappetizing/inappropriate photos .

Yes it is fine to show a decent length show perhaps in the back ground on how you and your Fiance grew up. Showing an hour long slide show with the bonuse of you and your Fiance gutting deer, slicing open fish and displaying your recent injuries is just not okay.


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  • Wedding: August 2011

Slideshows in general at the wedding annoy me. Keep it for the rehearsal dinner if you absolutely feel you need one of these, I really don’t care to sit there and eat dinner and look at you dressed up as the Spice Girls in 5th grade or your husband on his potty training toilet as a toddler. We get it, you used to be kids, now you’re adults and you’re getting married, it’s very maudlin and sentimental. 

And I have never once in my life gotten up for a bouquet toss, not even when the DJ commanded me. I’m nobody’s bitch. I refuse to fight over a bouquet for pictures. 

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Sugar bee

When parents of the bride and groom try to live vicariously through their son or daughter’s wedding-it shows. Long, boring, ill-written speeches, the bouquet toss (I’ve seen someone lose a tooth for some fake cala lillies), cold tasteless food, boring and unimaginative decor, when someone talks about their “amazing” wedding for months while you try not to stab them out of frustration and then it ends up being horrible and you go home hungry.

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  • Wedding: April 2012

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@MrsTVLover: I HATE the kissing thing too. Everytime I’m at a wedding and people clink their glasses I roll my eyes and grit my teeth. 

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  • Wedding: July 2011

I hate when the toasts give their toasts but then are so relieved they forget to drink from their own cups – BAD LUCK!  Or they never say raise your glasses or something that indicates it is a toast at all – they just speak. So am I drinking and clinking or not?

I agree with the flowers in front of the face thing! Ehhh

Long slide shows – I agree with that too. Can we dance please?

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

I hate table “names”. God, help me when I see that. Where the f**k is table “Brazil?” “Bob, the dog” or whatever…

I hate more than 2 dances.


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  • Wedding: January 2011

I dislike when the officiant doesn’t tell the guests to sit down.  It just ruins the ceremony for me because it’s all I can think about.  For ours, the officiant (a friend) made it huge font on her paper to ask everyone to be seated and highlighted it.  I also told my mom that if officiant forgot, to please start sitting as everyone would follow.

I also don’t understand how everyone with a mike becomes a comedian.  This probably includes myself though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

I hate when people have some weird flavored cakes. I had a cousin who had a spumoni type of cake. Yuck, no one at my table ate it after one try. If I’m spending money on a cake then it better be eaten! 

Long ceremonies. I have had my shares of traditional catholic weddings that have you sitting and kneeling randomly through out the ceremony for a long time.

Groom going under the dress to pull the garter off with his teeth, ew. 

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Sugar bee

Do we have time for a list??

-When people wear jeans to weddings.

-When people wear skull t-shirts, jag polo, car dealership t’s .or a bandana around their head at the wedding

-When no one stands for the bride to come down the aisle

-A huge gap between your ceremony and dinner

And about a hundred other things but these were the points that stuck out to me at the wedding we went to on Saturday,

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  • Wedding: January 2011

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@MsBrooklynA:Jeans are nothing!  Someone wore those toe hiking/running/walking shoes to our wedding.

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  • Wedding: June 2010

smashing cake in their face! LAME! LOL and my new pet peeve is slopy drunk brides ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and gap between ceremony and reception!

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: November 2011

@Treejewel19 – I’d agree, showing fish guts at a wedding is so inappropriate!


I also don’t like the bouquet toss and will be giving the bouquet to the longest married couple instead.


I also don’t like folks who go to weddings in jeans, that just disrespectful!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

* when the priest/officiant says “I now pronounce you man and wife.” UMMMM pretty sure the guy was a man BEFORE he got married. Shouldn’t it be “husband and wife?”

* I also can’t stand the “who gives this woman to this man?” speech. I am NOT a piece of property thank you very much.

*  I also hate “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.” I have a name also. I want us to be announced as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Jason and Stacy Smith”

* when flowr girls wear white. They are NOT mini-brides. They are mini bridesmaids in my opinion. Only the bride should wear white. Period.

* when the bride and groom shove cake all over each other’s faces. It’s tasteless and trashy and why would you want to be a mess especially after spending all that time/money on your hair and makeup!?!?!?

* when the groom takes off the garter with his teeth or sticks his entire head up under the skirt or comes “up” wiping his mouth or something. t-r-a-s-h. I’m not a prude but can we keep it clean when Grandma and co-workers and young children are present???

*  The obnoxious tapping on the glasses or ringing those cheap little bells for the bride and groom to kiss. We have enough to do! And I’m sure we’ll be kissing plenty of times throughout the night. You shouldn’t have to feel “forced” to kiss your spouse because other people want a photo op!!

* when people DON’T participate in the dollar dance. it’s a very Slovak/Polish thing for me and my family so it’s, like, emotionally wrong to not have it. lol. Honestly, even if you stick a quarter in the bag it’s  no big deal. Some people even throw in napkins or a cookie or something stupid. It’s just an opportunity for everyone to dance with the bride and groom. And … really? A dollar? You can’t fork over one little extra dollar???

* sit down dinners when you don’t get to choose your meal. Not everyone likes nasty, smelly fish, exotic food, or bleeding meat.

* Pachabel’s Canon. I love classical music and it’s a nice enough piece but it is SO over done!!!

* I don’t have anything against the actual boquet toss, but I can not STAND when an all out brawl ensues over the flowers. I mean … really? It’s supposed to be for fun and luck. If you’re rolling on the floor playing tug of war with silk lillies, that may be one of the reasons why you’re still single.

* organized dancing like the Macarena, the Electric Slide, The Chicken Dance, etc, etc. I’m trying to convince my fiance to forbid any of these types of songs to be played at our wedding. It’s just so hokey and 8th grade first boy/girl dance. lol

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