You’re curvy… Compliment or a polite way to say “Your fat”

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Bumble Beekeeper

ouch. Sounds like she put her foot in her mouth and then didn’t know how to get it back out again. 🙁

I’m sorry she was so insensitive!! (((hugs)))

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Sugar bee
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i get called curvy all the time and I wouldn’t say I’m fat.  I’m fine with being called curvy.  I realize I have bigger boobs and hips than most of my friends.  Nothing I can do about it.  If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

It does suck to go shopping with my friends though.  They are all size 2, 4, and 6 bottoms and size small tank tops.  I’m trying on size 12 pants and having a hard time fitting into XL tops.  I don’t like going shopping with friends all the time because even though I’m curvy and not fat they still make me feel fat (compared to them at least).

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Blushing bee
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You could choose to interpret it that way, and sometimes people will mean it that way, but if she said it directly to you and then worried it didn’t come across well she probably was complimenting you!

I’ve got a friend I’d describe as curvy and I mean it in a really positive ‘you have an awesome hourglass figure’ way!


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Blushing bee
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I will tell you that one of my guy friends once told me I looked like an old school glass coca cola bottle. I asked him WTH does that mean??!! He elaborated that I was curvy and proceeded to make the motions with his hands. When I got a frumpy look on my face, he too immediately said it was a compliment, etc. I’m short and have a *ahem* rather large backside, but I’m still a size 4-6 (back then I was a size 4/110lbs on a bad day!). So no matter what size you are, you still get those comments. But lucky for me Fiance tells me almost every day that he absolutely loves my curves. I jokingly say every now and then that I’m going to get liposuction and he responds with a resounding “NO!!! Don’t lose that big ol’ butt of yours! That’s your best feature!” Good thing there are definitely people out there that enjoy our womenly curves! Laughing

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Sugar bee

@Poster who was reffered to as an old school coke bottle(forgot your name when I started typing this,sorry)- I don’t know your nationality, but black men love coke bottles.LOL It was definately a compliment!

I’ve never been called curvy, but I have had several older men call me “healthy” which is something like that since older black men (50 and up) like women my size.(my SO is NOT 50,LOL) But, it depends on what I am wearing. If I am wearing a really cute dress and heels, I’d think thanks because although I am plus size, I have a cute shape, hips and nice breasts if I do say so myself.LOL Like the previous poster, I told my SO I wanted lipo (jokingly) and he got very upset because the booty would be smaller.LOL

Now, if I have on something ugly, I’d think they were being rude. Those veiled comments which are just being rude.

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Bumble bee
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i’m on the fence about the “curvy” complement…I’ve been fat (heck, half my life…) but now I’m “thin” (well, on my frame I am…) but no matter where I’ve ever been – I’ve never ever been considered “curvy” – at my fattest (220 lbs) – i was just plain FAT (sorry but i was)…and now at 160 – I am thin, but have NO curves – literally i have no butt (flat as a pancake) – no thighs – and broad shoulders with a small chest.

i’d LOVE to actually HAVE curves – but at the same time – i totally get where some women would think that “curvy” could mean “fat”…but again, “curves” could mean just having a well-defined butt or chest (which again, i really don’t have :() lol.

sorry i just don’t know.


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Worker bee
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I think this question speaks directly to the current state of our culture and its opinons and expectations for women’s bodies…I 100% believe curvy does NOT equal fat. I have a very curvy body, hips and boobs with a small waist, and I am in no way fat, but the culture and media make me feel sometimes that because I am not stick thin and straight as a boy, I must be fat. So take it as a compliment, because I’m sure it was, and there is nothing wrong with having a woman’s body as opposed to a kid’s. Just my humble opinion.

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Busy bee
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@MrsJellyBean- That girl was being rude and I’m glad your fiance shut it down. I think she did originally mean it as a compliment (like va-va-va-voom) but then just totally put her foot in her mouth. Who asks another women what they weigh unless they themselves have serious body issues?

@violete- couldn’t say it better myself.

Studies show that men respond to images of women with hourglass shapes with more sexual attraction than the boy body style that is in right now. I love that curves have been celebrated more in the past couple of years. Curvy is a title I’d be happy to take, and I am in my healthy weight range. I see the teenage girl role models and feel so sad for my students for what is being shown to them as the “ideal.” Here’s a shout out to all the curvy ladies who like their bodies!

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Helper bee
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I think it depends on how it was said and who said it. Curvy doesn’t mean just fat for example Beyonce is curvy and she is not fat. Marilyn Monroe was very sensual. Neither are the typical stick figure celeb and have been critized for being fat by certain people. I don’t think they were fat in fact they think they are very sexy.

Before I gained all this weight when people called me curvy I loved it. As I started to gain weight I started becoming more sensitive. Now I am beyond curvy (i’m fat) and am working on going back to where I was. I have always been sensitive about my weight since I was little. My sister lost a lot of weight after she was sick in the hospital and I gained weight around that time. She would say really mean things, ask if she could keep my cloths since I don’t wear them anymore and told me I was always chunky. When I look at old photographs I know thats not true.

I am sorry she continued to make you feel uncomfortable but I think curves are very sexy. Like I said it depends on who said it and how they said it.

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Bee Keeper
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I agree, it depends on how it’s said. 

Some women are just catty, and will cut you down to make themselves feel better. Proof: my calves are fairly defined from horseback riding and running. Not so big they can’t fit in average boots, or are noticeable, though. When I worked at a shoe store, a woman came in trying to find boots that fit her well. I was helping her and she said to me, “yeah, but I don’t have big legs like you.” Um, thanks? 

But curvy can be a compliment too. For instance, I think Christina Hendricks is beautiful and curvy. She’s a bigger girl, but I definitely would not consider her fat. 

ETA: I think you can still be curvy and a smaller size. I’m a size 2-4 and a C cup with a fair amount of ass, haha. 

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Worker bee
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I would take curvy as not an insult. You are a woman with a chest and hips, be proud.

Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol so that is not something to be saddened by.

@amariem25 I am in the same boat as you. Most of my friends are 4-6 in size and tiny.

We can fill out a top like no ones business though lol.

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Busy bee

I’ve been called “curvy” on and off my whole life.  And I’ve never been over a size 8 (except when I was pregnant), usually a size 6.  I was a size 32DDD with hips that were somewhat proportional to my bust.  But I know how you feel – I felt offended every time someone called me “curvy” thinking that people meant I was fat.  size 6 is now considered fat?  What???  I put on a few happiness pounds after the wedding and was inching into my size 8s.  But I had breast lift/ reduction surgery at the end of January (went down to a 32 D- Dirty Delete – actually still bigger than I wanted, oh well) and lost about 12-15 plus I’m working out hard 3-4 times/week mostly to get in great shape for the summer.  But saw my “bad bridesmaid” (whole ‘nother story) recently and she said “I’m not sure I like you this small, you really could rock the ‘curvy girl’ thing!”  WFT?!  I can’t win.  Jealousy cause she has body issues?  I don’t know.

Anyway, this post was my long-winded way of saying don’t read “you’re fat” into the “you’re curvy” comment.  Just rock it!

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Buzzing bee

I don’t equate curvy with fat at all. I’m a size 0 but have a C cup (natural!) and a rather large bubble butt. Curvy means you have shape, and a gorgeous one at that! To me, fat is when you don’t have any defined shape. Take it as a compliment, becuase I think that is what she meant it as but she got her foot stuck in her mouth somewhere along the way 🙂

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Busy bee
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I think the original definition of “curvy” is positive – meaning you got an hourglass figure and aren’t straight up-and-down – but recently it has also been used as a euphemism for overweight or fat (like people use it as a polite way to describe an overweight person), which causes the type of confusion you’re facing.  I am definitely curvy, with a size 4 waist and a size 8 ass, and never take it as a diss!  If you know you look hot and someone tells you you’re curvy, it’s a compliment girl!!!

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