(Closed) You’re getting a C-Section, Why???

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    hello! i am a labor and delivery nurse and just thought i was share a few things…. first of all i am so pro natural/vaginal childbirth! it is so much better for the body and a MUCH faster healing time! while c/sections can be life saving to mother and baby it is still SURGERY and should be taken very seriously. In many states and cities once you have a c/section you always have a c/section. While some places do allow you to v-bac (vaginal birth after c/section) many hospitals/cities do have this rule in affect. this will also affect the # of babies you should have. They say no more than 3 c/sections bc any more could possibly be unsafe. Women should NEVER plan on a c/section unless: their baby is breach (feet/butt first) or in a malpresentation, they have a placental previa (where the placenta is covering the opening of the uterus), multiple gestation (triplets or more, twins can be delivered vaginally). Of course other reasons may arise and your doctor will talk to you about this more if this is route chosen to take. i truly dont believe hospitals “push” c/sections on women, but in the US we have a very high c/s rate bc of all the underlying health issues young women have today and the high incidence of induction methods (which does increase your chance of c/s). SO, that being said, maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle while pregnant, stay on top of your prenatal care and know that not everything is in your hands, baby will come when baby is ready and be ready for the unexpected!!! good luck!

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    @fvsoccer: I’m not pregnant but when i am i plan on having a natural birth, Preferably a water birth. You should watch The Business of Being Born, That’s what got me thinking 😀

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    I am ‘high risk’ if I get pregnant. I will be 41 by the time I give birth if all goes according to plan (which we all know in baby world .. ‘plan’ is rare :P)  and I am very tiny on the bottom and have a ‘short birth canal’ so I’ve been told, so I have already been forwarned I will be having a C section.

    And that is A-okay with me.  I am not in the same opinion that natural is better, drug me up to the eyeballs if you must as well 🙂

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    I’m planning for a natural delivery, but am borderline high risk, so I have to have the baby by week 39 (or 9 weeks and 1 day from today). Due to this, I’m scared that I’ll go down the path of induction to c-section.

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    Haven’t been in labor yet but there’s been no push for an induction or c-section so far and I’m due this week.  I agree with curls, there’s lots of other reasons besides drs pushing that the c-section rate is high in the US.

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    My very first pregnancy ended in an emergency c-section.  Since then, where I live, the doctors will not allow VBAC.  I would love to be able to try, however they just don’t give the option.  So whenever I get pg again, it will unfortunately be by c-section.

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    I’m not pregnant (or even TTC), but when I do give birth, I plan to go natural – no meds, no inductions, etc.

    That said, if either my health of the health of my baby are in danger, those plans will change.  But if neither of us are in distress, I see no need to be pushed into major surgery.

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    I’d wanted a c-section with the first, simply because it was logical I’d end up needing it (all the other women in my mom’s family needed it, so I figured I’d need it, too).  The doctor refused and I was induced.  I ended up needing a c-section despite the doctor not wanting to (it was the anesthesiologist who got him to agree).

    My daughter was c-section by choice because I didn’t trust the practice enough to try a v-bac and scheduling a c-section just made sense.  I was able to pick the date but she ended up 4 (or five) weeks early at HER decision.  She was in the birth canal by the time they took me back for a c-section and I didn’t have a clue.  (thanks for monitoring me, jerks.  Needless to say, I won’t be going back to THAT practice OR hospital for the next time around).

    My Fiance agrees that we can try for another pregnancy and I will go with a c-section.  Like @curls286: said, most doctors don’t suggest or advice more than 3 c-sections.  And definitely no v-bacs after a 2nd c-section.  (Though I DO have a relative who had more than 3 c-sections…. but that’s a whole ‘nother story).  

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    I had my first child naturally. And I would do it again if I had another child. C section is good in emergency situations. But I would not choose that. The healing time is so much longer. Its hard enought adjusting to being a new mother. You dont need to have surgery on top of that, making it hard to use the muscles  your used to using daily.

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    I’m planning on having a vaginal delivery, but I’m not against a C-section if it’s an emergency. 

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    @TheFutureMcBride:  Idk if you remember her, but there was a poster on here a while back (user name: “December”) who was induced and still had a Bradley birth; I thought her birth story was so inspiring.  I’ll try to find it for you really quick.  ETA:  I’ll PM you with the link.

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    i’m planning on vaginal delivery with an eepidural. i wish i had the pain tollerance to handle it without medication but i just know i cant. as for c sections i dont know about the states but here in canada c sections are emergency only. my doctor said it is used as an emergency option or if you are unable to birth vaginally.

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    I’m looking for another doctor because my current one seemed to be pushing the c-section on me… 

    I’m with soon2bmrs.D – I don’t have the pain tollerance, so I am planning on using an epidural. 

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