(Closed) “You’re so young, what do you have to be stressed about?” (vent)

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Not really, in my case. If anything I think people were surprised that I was able to handle so much at a young age. But I have a child, maybe people view parenthood differently than other stresses?

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Wow, I have no idea why anyone would think that your life is easier because you’re relatively young. At 25, in grad school full time and working the better part of full time, having just moved in with my fiance and looking at the next year, in which I will 1) graduate, 2) hopefully get my first professional job, and 3) get married, I have a lot on my plate. I guess the similarity would be that people sometimes really don’t get that adjusting to living with Fiance and planning a wedding are sources of stress, no matter how positive they are! If someone told me I shouldn’t have anything to stress about because I’m young, they would get an earful.

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What people seem to forget when they are talking to them is scope of life, I remember what it was like to be twentyone, single parent, and working multiple jobs and my world seem to crumble when my car broke down or paying for the next semesters books.  Now, my experiences and age have placed me in different life’s “worsts”.   People often forget what it was like to be certain ages, just chalk it up to that.  Their senility is not them putting you down, just them getting older and forgetting.

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They probably mean more of its easier to deal with a lot of things when you’re young and energetic, and honestly, it is. I was always in high speed at that age.

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Well gosh, don’t you know that you don’t become an adult until you’re 30!?

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My hardest times were when I was younger.  I think life gets easier with age because we are more adept at dealing with it once we have more time under our belts.  I remember people saying young people were happy, and how great it is to be young, and I thought they were nuts!  My life gets better all the time as I am more settled, I think people forget how tough it is to make things work when you are young, and all the challenges you have to deal with.

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I don’t even think it’s just wives, just younger people in general.

When I’m tired or out of it at work, people will say things like, “You’re young… you should never be tired!” or “If I were as young as you, I certainly wouldn’t be sleepy!”

UGH. Drives me mad.

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@brideatbeach: It drives me batty when people tell me I’m young and shouldn’t be tired as well.   Didn’t know age had anything to do with it.  I mean, I’m sure it plays a role, but I don’t always sleep great either.  Never have.  

Anyways, it’s hard to this age and just starting out.  It’s such hard times in our economy, as we all know, and no one WANTS to take us seriously.  I hate that you have to have 5+ years experience with some jobs, but there’s no one who wants to help get you started.  It doesn’t make sense.  

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Who says you can’t be tird when you’re young? I’m constantly tired! 😀

Honestly, I had a lot of that attitude, and get it from the future in-laws sometimes. They grew up in a time where there were jobs, and when you had an education you’d work in the field you majored in, etc. Sure, they might not all had the freedom we have, but at the same time, constantly trying to figure out the best thing to do is exhausting.

I talked to a friends mom yesterday, and she told me she feels sorry for the younger generation. She sees that a lot of what was taken for granted only few years ago, is now a luxury. I wish more people were like her 😀

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I also hate the fact that so many people assume that young people nowadays have everything handed to them. I would be a rich woman if I earned a dime for every time someone said to me, “That’s what parents are for!” or “You’d better call Daddy for some money!” Even now that I am a professional working in a profession that requires a college degree, I get it all the time. My parents have never paid my rent or other bills. I find it offensive.

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@brideatbeach: YES. This. “Young people are so spoiled because ____________.” Fill in the blank. Okay. Yes. Our generation may in fact have a lot more things available to us, but that does not mean none of us know “the value of a dollar” or “what the meaning of hard work is.” I always get grouchy over that type of talk. I graduated college in 3 years with Honors, most of said college was paid for in scholarships, I had a job less than a month after turning 16. GRR TO THOSE PEOPLE. Lol.

And to OP, I agree with what you’re saying. If life doesn’t get EASIER after your early twenties then wth? We are already having an easier time of it because we can comfortably pay bills (major stressor) and we have a home (major plus) and we’re more comfortable in our relationships. I think a lot of older people think younger means less responsibility…and for some, sure. But I have the same bills older people have, minus the children. And not every older couple has children. I also probably still make less than a lot of them (due to age and profession). So I don’t understand how in the heck life is easier when younger.

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