Zika and TTC in next 2 years – WWYD?

posted 3 years ago in TTC
  • poll: Would you go knowing you'd want to TTC 6 months later?
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    No I wouldn't risk it : (22 votes)
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    ExpectingBee :  I wouldn’t go. Zika makes me paranoid. We are getting married next summer and wanted innitially to go to Riviera Maya for the honey moon but had to forget that dream. We plan on TTC right after the weddifng and not waiting and not taking that chance no matter how small. 

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    I wouldn’t go. Explain to your family why you aren’t going and hopefully they will understand. This is the health of your future children! Maybe we’re paranoid, but Darling Husband and I are a bit less than a year away from when we want to start TTC but we are relying only on the withdrawal method until then, so we have a no exceptions “rule” that we will not go to any places with Zika cases even now. It just isn’t worth any amount of risk, no matter how small.

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    Maybe ask your doctor if they can test for Zika even when there are no symptoms. If they can you could just get you and your husband tested as soon as you get back and if either comes back positive then wait 6 months to a year and if you’re negative (the more likely case) then nothing to worry about.

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    If it were me, I would go the wedding, wear ALL the bug repellent, and wait 6 months before TTC. Obviously you have to ultimately decide what you’re comfortable with, and it’s true that guidelines do change. But I would hate to miss out on such a big family event just because there is a miniscule chance that getting bit by a mosquito with Zika somehow affects the health of my future baby, even after waiting 6 months to start TTC. There are so many things in our environment that can affect our health and the health of our (future) children that sometimes we have to accept that we can’t control everything (not suggesting that you are this way, but more that this has been my approach to feelings of worry and wanting to be in control). Should we take precautions? Definitely, but in that casse I think it’s okay to follow the guidelines of the CDC.

    FWIW my husband had a trip scheduled to Brazil for this past July and once news about Zika came out, he decided to change it as we are currently TTC. If we were only thinking about TTC or had decided to start at some future date, I would have been okay with him going and waiting for 6 months afterwards.

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    ExpectingBee :  Go. Wait 8 month (just give a buffer). You can’t live your life in fear of the many many diseases you might encounter. If that was the case, people would leave over half the world. Take precautions, dusk and dawn are the worst time for mosquitoes, enjoy the wedding. 

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    I would go, but at the same time, I would probably ask about the possibility of being tested for Zika after you return. I would also douse myself in mosquito repellent. I wouldn’t want to miss such a big family event, because as a PP said, we cannot control everything and I would rather be there to celebrate, while taking steps to minimise the risk to any potential future kids.

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    I would go. But I only have on sibling and there is very little that I wouldn’t do to be there. Are you able to just go on your own maybe? That would cut the 6 month requirement for your husband, and you would still get to be there.

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    Ask your doctor about beng tested when you get back. Many doctors CANT test “just in case’ unless you show symptoms. The # of tests are limited and the resources who test for it (specific labs) are strained. Its a common misconception that you can “just get tested”

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    ExpectingBee :  You can only do what YOU feel is right. All anyone else can do is offer suggestions and personal opinions. That being said, I am currently TTC and have not halted my travel plans. I’m sure some people think I’m nuts and that’s certainly ok.

    I’ll preface this by saying my Darling Husband has a job that has him spending considerable amounts of time in South America for work….so when the whole Zika thing first came out I jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else of being freaked out. We don’t really have a choice in his traveling to those places for work, so it becomes a situation of are we supposed to never attempt to get pregnant? Of course not. I am the first person to believe doctors, and I side-eye all those nuts who thing that vax’s cause autism, etc. I’m pro-doctor and am the first one in line for meds when I’m sick. However, I cannot get on board with Zika. I have researched the heck out of it for my own piece of mind, and while I’m certainly not a doctor I just feel like a lot of it doesn’t add up. 

    The major news came out of Brazil, who said “it’s not Zika, it’s the pesticide being put in all the drinking water”. Well of course the CDC quickly jumped on that and said “no way, it IS Zika”.  I am not saying Zika doesn’t exist, it most certainly does and it spreads quickly. I’m just saying I don’t believe that Zika is the cause of microcephaly. I find it very suspect that all the cases of Microcephaly are coming out of Brazil (where said drinking water was full of pesticides) and everywhere that Zika has since been found is having healthy babies. Everytime I see a story pop up on the news about a pregnant mother has tested positive (outside of Brazil) and being closely monitored…goes on to deliver a healthy baby. The news stories are very misleading…like the one about the first baby born in the US with Zika. That baby was born here, yes, but the mother came here from Haiti specially to deliver her baby. The other baby was born to a mother from Honduras who was here visiting family.

    Mircochephaly is not a new disease and babies are born with it in the US who have had no expsoure to Zika. Again, not trying to say what I believe is right, only you can decide that. I was in Costa Rica back in March right after the whole thing blew up. I admit I considered canceling my trip but opted to continue. I’ll be in Mexico this upcoming Feb/March as well.  

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    I’ve been doing a lot of research on this (will be TTC in about a year) and have spoken to 5 physicians about it (family physicians, the head of tropical medicine at a prominent medical school, one who works in public health and advises people on Zika travel daily) and they have all said the same thing — absolutely do not travel to countries with Zika until more is known or when a vaccine has been developed. Not only have they proved that Zika causes microcephaly in babies born to mothers who were infected, but they are starting to see more adults having cognitive side effects as well. There is also suspicion that the virus actually goes dormant and can become active again later — like during pregnancy.

    I wouldn’t risk it. If you don’t go, you will always wonder if it would have been okay to go. But if you do go and contracted Zika from a mosquito… I just don’t think it’s worth it and your family should understand your concerns. 


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    Isn’t it 6 months IF your Darling Husband were to actually get Zika????

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    knpswp : yeah, but the vast majority of people with zika don’t show symptoms and, like PPs have said, you generally can’t be tested “just because” – so how would they know if he (or she) had it?

    I wouldn’t go, but my husband and I are zika paranoid. We didn’t even want to go to the pool this summer with our friends who’d honeymooned in Puerto Rico over the summer. It’s just not worth the risk, no matter how slim. 

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